Who is India Westbrooks Boyfriend? Know her Ethnicity, Age, Siblings.

India Westbrooks is an American model and a reality television personality. She is a social media fanatic who has made a big debut in Instagram and vine account. She is one of the youngest celebrities in the states who also doubles up as a socialite. As a young girl, India Westbrooks had always wanted to be a model, the art she has perfected now so much.

India Westbrooks Boyfriend and dating history. Who is her current boyfriend?

India Westbrooks, though she is still in her young prime age has had her own share in relationships. She has been dating various people maybe to make herself known or something like that.

She has dated various celebrities in the entertainment industry. She has been in more than ten relationships despite her young age.

India Westbrooks has been in and out of many relationships. Most of her boyfriends are the big catch in the music and film industry in the States.

She has dated the big guy Rick Ross though their relationship did not last long. India Westbrook has also dated Drake, the American most celebrated musician.

India Westbrooks was also seen with Cliff  Dixon in 2016. Their relationship only lasted for six months. In 2015, she was also said to be dating Louletay and they two dated for two-three months.

She also dated J’Leonlove  in 2015. India Westbrooks dated Justin Combs between 2014 and 2015 but later separated citing irreconcilable differences.

India Westbrooks Dated Many Celebrities

Caption:- India Westbrooks Dated Many Celebrities

Source:- Instagram 

Other notable celebrities who have been dated by India Westbrooks include Soulja Boy between 2013 and 2015, Ron Robins between 2011 and 2013.

She had also dated Game for some few months in 2014, and she has also dated BrandonWimbley. Well, it appears India Westbrooks is only into big and the major celebrities in the industry.

Although this appears quite unreal considering her age, that is how it is.


Little is known of the parents of India Westbrooks. However, what we do know is that she is from a big familyand has four older sisters.

Although they are not known because unlike their sister, they have kept a low profile both in the social media and mainstream media. India Westbrooks also has two brothers who also remain unknown both in their names and their way of life.

Age, Birthday, Religion, Ethnicity, Net Worth.

India Westbrooks is a young girl despite her big debut and celebrity status in the media, music and television industry.

She is just years 21 old, but she will be 22 years the coming February. Her birthday is 3rd February, and hence in less than a month from now, she will be 22. She is of the white ethnicity.

India Westbrooks's Net Worth $1.3 Million

Caption:- India Westbrooks’s Net Worth $1.3 Million

It is not clear whichreligionIndiaWestbrooks subscribe to as at now. Her many tattoos on her body have often said that it depicts her religious beliefs.

She got many tattoos on her body that she has sais her blog that they represent her religious beliefs, although she has not specified any of it.

India Westbrooks has made a fortune for herself. Though she is still young in the industry, she has made a lot of cash. She has her own television show which has boosted her net worth a great deal.

Her net worth as at now is roughly over $1.3million dollars. Her debut and a big name in social media also have boosted her net worth.

Wiki Bio.

India Westbrooks was born on3rdFebruary 1996 in California to a family of seven. Her parents remain unknown, but she has four elder sisters and two brothers.

Little is known of her siblings due to the fact that they have maintained a low profile in the media.

As a young girl, India also wanted to be a model. Her role model has always been Kendall Jenner. She has appeared in the television show of the West brooks and has been full of controversy by dating celebrities. She is a social media celebrity the art she has perfected by posting her pictures in social media.