Howard Stern daughter Deborah Jennifer stern bio, age, net worth.

Deborah came into this world on May 9, 1986, and is the second offspring of renowned Television character Howard Stern and his high school sweetheart Alison Stern, who he wedded in 1978. Her dad met Alison Bern, her mom in his school and they began to look all starry eyed at which was later transformed into a marriage that went on for a long time.

Family Chain/ Tree

DOB: 9 May 1986 (age 31)

Kin: Emily Beth Stern, Ashley Jade Stern

Parents: Howard Stern, Alison Berns

Grandparents: Ben Stern, Ray Stern

Aunt: Ellen Stern

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Deborah Jennifer Stern’s family

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Wiki info, age, net worth

550 Million$ Net worth (Her Father’s Net)

She is Currently 31 Years of Age


Just like her younger sister Ashley Jade they were worried and stressed when their Parents decided to get divorced and had a hard time handling the light of truth the separation was so sudden it shook them.

One of them is attempting to make it as a performing- Artist, she appeared naked in front of an audience in a creation once in New York one lives in Israel as an Orthodox lesbian or something? She distributed verse in a Jewish daily paper or something

Deborah married 9 months ago and celebrated in honey moon in Baba-Lulu

Educational Background

Deborah Stern

PhD. Independent Education Consultant

Greater Prominent Philadelphia AreaEducation Management Current

Autonomous Consultant Past

College of Pennsylvania-Graduate School of Education, Mastery Charter Schools, YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School Instruction College of Pennsylvania

Professionally distributed educational modules essayist, school originator, instructor teacher, proficient learning facilitator, k-12 education master, initiative and instructional mentor.

Dynamic K-12 and instructor teacher with broad experience working in underserved groups. Backings school pioneers and K-12 instructors to make and fortify successful educating and learning conditions, where significant, pertinent, and through educational programs joined with relationship-based, responsive guideline help close the accomplishment hole.

Highlighted aptitudes and acknowledgment

– NCTE grant winning center and secondary school English educator

– Children’s Literacy Initiative-prepared early proficiency mentor

– Author of Teaching English So It Matters: Creating Curriculum For and With High School Students (Corwin Press, 1994)

– Expert outline and support of request driven, extent based, innovation implanted learning

– Creation of frameworks and projects that give altered direction to understudies with learning conrast

– MAT from the University of Chicago

-Ph.D.  in Reading, Writing, and Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania


Autonomous Education Consultant

Autonomous Consultant

May 2007 – Present (10 years 3 months)Greater Philadelphia Area

Contract with k-12 schools philanthropies in the Greater Philadelphia zone for school plan, educational programs and guideline, training, proficient improvement, and enlisting administrations. Subcontract with Children’s Literacy Initiative as an early proficiency Professional Developer in Philadelphia schools. Work with non-benefits to arrange programs, make materials, and give preparing.

Schools served to incorporate Southwest Leadership Academy, Global Leadership Academy, Freire Charter Schools, Education Plus Academy Cyber Charter School, Mastery Charter Schools, YES Philly, Belmont Charter School, Pan American Charter School, St. Thomas Aquinas Mission School, William H. Meredith School.

Created and ran benchmark appraisal program

Made interval ELA and English benchmark appraisals

Dealt with all other everyday parts of scholastic program in nearby CMO’s first little urban secondary school