Hodgetwins Net worth: What’s Brothers Kevin and Keith Hodge net worth

Keith Hodge, alongside his indistinguishable twin, Kevin, is broadly referred to for their comedic analysis as the Hodgetwins. These enchanting indistinguishable twins have probably the most prominent channels on YouTube.

They earned a respectable 3 million faithful supporters and netted more than 400 million perspectives all before their first TV appearance. Let’s find out the Hodge brother’s net worth. And also let’s see their sources of income.

Hodgetwins Net worth 2017

The Hodge twin’s total net worth is assessed to be near $3.8 Million, this net worth is produced essentially from their YouTube channels.

Hodge twins Brothers net worth is $3.8 Million

Hodge twins Brothers net worth is amazing

Keith and Kevin consented to make a YouTube channel and in December 2008 they started their first channel “Hodge twins” which right now has more than 800 recordings drawing in more than 1.2M endorsers.

Afterward, they propelled different Channels, for example, The Twin Muscle channel which has more than 1700 recordings and 1.7M endorsers, Ask Hodge twins channels with more than 800 recordings and 1.1M subscribers.

The Hodge twin’s vlogs have more than 300 recordings and somewhat more than 600K supporters. Their channels cumulatively pull in more than nine hundred thousand (9,00,000) views every day and it keeps on growing steadily.

Short bio:

Hodgetwins Brothers working out

Hodgetwins Brothers Kevin and Keith Hodge work out

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Initially, from Virginia, Keith and Kevin took the long course on their way to media outlets. It wasn’t until the point when both the twins were working for the US Marine when Keith realized that they had the possibility to live their dreams and together with his 6’4″ twin titan ought to stop their occupations, at a similar organization, no less, and take after their fantasies of making individuals chuckle while motivating them to live more beneficial lives.

Kevin concurred, and the rest is Hodgetwins history. Keith and Kevin are currently taking their twin demonstration to an alternate screen by seeking after TV and film ventures. As male twins, they trust they have a unique one of a kind package to offer this new group of onlookers.