How old is Hali’a Beamer? Know her age, Parents, Height in wiki type biography.

Social media has always played a vital role especially when it comes young talent. Artists like Justin Bieber got their breakthrough through recognition on YouTube. Others got famous for their viral videos without breaking a sweat. Apps like Vine and are just some of the few platforms famous among teenagers and the youth. Hali’a Beamer is famous muser with millions of fans and followers on the app as well as her other social media handles. So just how old is Hali’a Beamer? Get to know her height, age, mom and much more

Know Hali’a Beamer Age, birthday, Birthdate, signs

The star’s journey to fame started off quite early as Hali’a Beamer is 13 years old as of 2018. She celebrates her birthday every year as seen through her Instagram handle on April 4th with her family and close friends. However much she is famous, she tries to keep it low key since she doesn’t consider herself as a celebrity just yet.

Her sun signs it Aries.

Parents, Family

At just 13 years old, the social media singer’s parents aren’t that much engrossed with their daughter’s fame. Very little is known about Hali’a Beamer’s parents. In fact, there is no information on her dad – almost as if he is nonexistent. However, there is some little information regarding her mom.

Her name is Beth, and she is known for being the Muser’s role model. She also shares her passion for music and has supported her ever since she started uploading her videos on the app.

She manages her Twitter account and speculations have also dictated that she may be running her daughter’s Instagram.  This is subject to controversy as she has her account where she uploads her segments.

Hali’a Beamer age, Parents

Caption:- Hali’a Beamer’s does not have support from her parents.

Another important member of the Hawaiian based family is her brother Kana’i. He also shares her love for music and accompanies her to several shows and events. The enthusiastic brother has also been featured in some of her videos and YouTube Vlogs.

Net Worth, sources of income.

The 13-year old Hali’a Beamer current net worth is still under review. She may not have revealed her priced possessions, but she is believed to be making a ton of money. She doesn’t own any fleet of cars seeing she doesn’t qualify for a license nor does she reside in a luxurious house. She stays with her parents and brother.

Her sources of income haven’t been revealed either. However, just like any other YouTuber the young Vlogger is believed to generate most of her income through advertisement contracts and ad-based contracts. Other sources of income include endorsements and revenue she gets from her appearances in music videos.

She has appeared in one of John Mayer’s music video titled Changing as well as other famous social media bigwigs’ videos. Some of these include Nate Wyatt, Andrew Gregory, Kristen Hancher, Raegan Beast among others.

Wiki-bio, height

Hali’a Beamer was born on April 4th, 2005 in Hawaii where she currently resides with her parents. Her ethnicity is partly Irish, Hawaiian and Filipino from her parent’s family sides.

Overall, she is American by birth. Growing up, Hali’a was sort of an athlete practicing junior gymnastics. One of her favorite dishes is the Caesar salad. She is currently around 5’8’’ tall.