Graveyard Carz net worth: See how much the cast of Graveyard Carz Makes.

Graveyard Carz is an American reality show centered on the restoration of the 1960 and 1970 Mopar muscle cars, and in regards to their fidelity to the Mopar cars, their motto is “it’s Mopar or no car”, which shows their engagement and attachment to these types of ancient vehicles. Mark Worman is the creator of this show and is also the CEO of the independent company (The Division) that produces the show. The cast of Graveyard Carz includes Mark Worman, Allysa Rose, Royal Yoakum, Dave Rea, Will Scott, etc.

Graveyard Carz net worth

Graveyard Carz net worth is the total net worth of its cast members, but due to the fact that that the Net Worths of most of the cast members is unknown, the net worth of graveyard Carz cannot be estimated. All that is known for sure is the net worth of its creator, Mark Worman which as of 2017 stands at 500,000 dollars.

Mark Worman Net worth and Salary per episode

Mark Worman was born in Springfield, Oregon, US and is the creator of the tv show graveyard Carz which airs on Velocity. According to some sources, Mark Worman has a net worth of $500 thousand but it is not certified. His actual net worth could be higher or lower than that.

His main sources of income include money gotten from his restoration shop and the salary he earns from his show, “Graveyard Carz”.

Graveyard Carz' cast Mark Worman's net worth is $500,000

Graveyard Carz’ cast Mark Worman’s net worth is $500,000

Royal Yoakum Net worth and Salary per episode

Royal Yoakum’s net worth stands at $1.5 million according to some websites, but this figure may be unrealistic. Yoakum is the friend of Worman and is also a cast member of the show “Graveyard Carz” since its inception in 2012. He holds the highest number of appearance alongside its creator Mark Worman.

Graveyard Carz' cast Royal Yoakum's net worth is $1.5 Million

Graveyard Carz’ cast Royal Yoakum’s net worth is $1.5 Million

Will Scott Net worth and Salary per episode

Will Scott net worth is estimated at $80 thousand, but not from official sources. He is the official graveyard Carz painter and earns a whopping sum of $2000 per episode of the show adding to his salary as a painter which contributes greatly to his net worth. He has gained a lot of fame all thanks to the show.

Graveyard Carz' cast Will Scott's net worth is $80,000

Graveyard Carz’ cast Will Scott’s net worth is $80,000

Allysa Rose Net worth and Salary per episode

Allysa Rose Worman is the daughter Mark Worman the creator of the graveyard Carz show and thus has been starring on and off since it first aired in 2012.

There are no records of her net worth, so it is difficult to make any estimate on that. However, she works in her father’s garage and earns a salary undisclosed to the public.

David Rea Net worth and Salary per episode

David Rea is the newest cast member of the show, and thus, not much is known about him. No online source knows his net worth and what he earns per episode of the“Graveyard Carz” show.

He has been the caste in 48 episodes of the show and so must have earns a good amount from the show and working in the garage.