Gold Rush Zack Sheets Parents, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend and Wiki Bio

Zack Sheets has appeared in the television series of Gold Rush: White Water. He is an American reality television show personality. The show is aired on Discovery Channel, and it follows the series of Dakota Fred and his sons. Zack Sheets recently made his debut in the show, and he is doing good. The television series which is narrated by Paul Christie has achieved considerable viewership in the states. The first episode was released on 19th January 2018.

Who are Zack Sheets parents?

Zack Sheets is the stepson of Fred Hurt of Dakota Boys. Zack is the son of Jennifer whom Fred Hurt married in July 2016 after the death of his first wife who succumbed to illness. Jennifer Sheets was married by Fred hurt when he already had one child who happens to be Zack Sheets.

Zack is, therefore, stepbrother to Dustin Hurt the eldest son of Fred Hurt from his first marriage. The real father of Zack Sheets remains unknown as his mother Jenifer has never shared any information about him and his whereabouts.

Zack Sheets’s stepbrother Dustin Hurt and stepfather Fred Hurt

Net Worth

The net worth of Zack Sheets remains unknown. Little is also known about how much salary he earns from the episodes of Gold Rush. The fact that this is his first debut on the screen proves that his net worth is still quite small.

However, the net worth is subject to increment in the near future with the production of more and more episodes.  The reality television show Gold Rush: White Water has just been released, and it is less than one month in the market. With time it shall thrive and hence increasing the net worth of the cast in general.

Any Girlfriend?

Well, little information is known by now about Zack Sheets. We have been able to reconstruct whether he has any girlfriend as at now or not.

The young actor is still new in The Game, and it will just be a matter of time before he shall be fully initiated in the celebrity world. We are keenly following to unravel his next move, and we shall share any information about his dating life when we stumble upon it.

Wiki bio, age

As mentioned earlier, little is still known of Zack Sheets. He is the newest actor in the crew and has recently joined the Dakota Boys. The birthplace, Date of Birth and his birthday, however, remains unknown.

We have not been able to know if his mother Jennifer Sheets was previously married or not. Zack became the stepson of Fred Hurt after he married his mother Jennifer Sheers in 16th July 2016.