Gillian Turner Bio, Age, Husband, Married, Boyfriend, Net worth, Career

Gillian Turner has made great waves in the world of security and legislation, considering her relative youth. She considers herself a proud bipartisan, not swayed in her work by political preferences but rather remaining impartial in order to do the best job possible. Turner’s status has also been cemented by her attractive nature, making her the ideal candidate for television appearances giving her expert knowledge and opinions.

Is Gillian Turner Married or Dating a Boyfriend?

Gillian Turner has had a long-term boyfriend for years and recently announced that the pair has become engaged to marry in 2016. Not much is known about Turner’s partner, as she has decided to keep her romantic relationships away from the public eye. While his identity is unknown, it is rumored that he too is a media personality, which would also explain why they are so keen to keep him a secret.

Gillian Turner engaged with her long-term secret boyfriend

Caption: Gillian Turner with her one of the co-host in Fox News

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Age: How Old is Gillian Turner?

Turner was born September 6th, 1982, making her 34 years old as of writing.

What is Gillian Turner’s Net Worth?

With a reported Salary of $300,000 per year and her high profile, which has given her access to other money-making endeavors, Turner is reported to have a net worth of around $1.5 million. But we are sure it’s not going to stop right there. With all the success and multiple jobs at her hand Gillian Turner’s net worth is expected to increase in comming years.

Gillian Turner’s Career and Profession

Having a net worth of $1.5 Million US dollar really take a huge effort and work. Turner wears many hats when it comes to her profession, including Fox News Contributor, a member of a global strategy group and White House employee. During her stints at the White House, she worked under both the Bush and Obama administrations, showing her impartial and professional nature. Under Bush, she worked as a Research Assistant in the Office of National Security Advisor, a position which allowed her to travel to many different countries in the world during foreign policy visits. Under Obama, she worked as the Acting Director of Legislative Affairs for two years. It was also under former President Bush that Turner became one of the youngest recipients of the National Security Council Outstanding Service Award, one of the highlights of her career to date. This position gave her the responsibility of acting as a liaison between the National Security Advisor and Congress on the various issues surrounding security and foreign policy. She left this position in 2010.

Currently, Turner is the Vice President of Jones Group International, a global strategy group. In this role, she uses all of her previous experience to help clients navigate the complex world of foreign policy and security, with a regional focus on Africa and the Middle East. She has the opportunities to interact with a broad spectrum of clients, both public and private, which operate both domestically in the United States and overseas. Her role allows her to be involved in the highest level of government and industry, providing in-depth analytical decision making and negotiation techniques. To this day she continues to act as a Fox Network contributor, providing expert analysis on these sensitive issues.

Gillian Turner’s Early Life and Education

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Turner was fortunate to be able to spend her childhood both in her city of birth and also in New York. Focused and determined, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Politics, cum laude, from Columbia University in New York and also a Master’s degree in African Security Studies in Cape Town, South Africa. An avid dancer throughout her childhood, Turner was able to dance professionally with the Pennsylvania Ballet for a year after she completed high school, an experience she states gave her the ability to think quickly, make fast decisions and gave her the confidence and motivation to reach her goals.

Gillian Turner’s Family and Parents

Not a great deal is known about Turner’s parents and family, owing to her very private nature. It is known, however, that her mother is an author.