Ghost Hunters Cast Kris Williams Married to Husband? Her age, Net worth, wiki-bio

If there’s something strange (Ghostly), in the neighborhood, who are you going to call? Certainly not Ghost Hunters as the show made its last run in 2016. Its spin-off, Ghost Hunters International also ended in 2012. With that said, what are the cast members up to? Get to know more about one of the crew, Kris Williams from Ghost Hunters International. Stick around for in-depth details about Kris Williams husband, marriage, net worth, age, facts and wiki-bio here.

Ghost Hunters Kris Williams Married Life, Husband.

When it comes to her relationship status, Kris Williams from Ghost Hunters is married. There are no words to describe the type of person her husband is. Not because he is awesome, but because there is scanty information about his biography. Digging up facts about him proved difficult to find. Certainly as difficult as the ghosts she tries to find in her investigations

However, sources indicate that Kris Williams got married in 2017 to an Australian pilot and travel writer. That would explain a lot about this ghost hunter’s current Australian residence. He goes by the alias Captain Wingit on social media.

With their union done secretly, there is no doubt that their married life would not be aired for public scrutiny. The same can be said for any marital problems that they may encounter in future. The couple has no kids together. Nevertheless, her husband is believed to have had kids from his previous relationship.

On her dating life, she was rumored to be dating fellow cast members Barry Fitzgerald and Grant.

Kris Williams Net worth, Salary.

According to, Kris Williams sprouts a net worth of approximately $7 million. The money in her bank account accrues from her time on television. She first hit the center stage on Syfy’s Ghosts hunter and ran with it till a spin-off was made. The actor jumped ship and reached international status, literally on the show Ghost Hunters International.

Image of Kris Williams net worth is $7 million

Kris Williams net worth is $7 million

She played the co-lead investigator for all things supernatural. Together with her crew, they investigated homes and places with paranormal sightings. Kind of a modern-day Scooby-doo gang. Moreover, her net worth isn’t just calculated from ghosting activities. She’s also made a couple of greens as a talented actress and writer.


The tv star Kris Williams is mostly known for her role on Ghost Hunters. That doesn’t mean that she didn’t have roles elsewhere. In fact, she did have a life before breaking out as a star on Syfy. It wasn’t as fancy as acting, but it did pay for her expenses.

Williams is a down to earth actress. Not only because of her humility but because of the fact that she used to work as a floor installer – no pun intended. She also ventured into the male-dominant field of carpentry and worked there for roughly three years.

It wasn’t long before she got the role in 2007 that would elevate her overall life status. When presented with an opportunity to become one of the lead characters, she didn’t turn down the offer. She rose to fame gradually until the show ended on April 4th, 2012.  Nowadays, she blogs and writes about anything as seen on her Instagram profile.

Wiki-bio, Age, how old is Kris Williams? Facts

NameKris Williams
Date of BirthFebruary 20th, 1981
Place of BirthMassachusetts
ProfessionTV personality, actress
Net worth$7 million
Marital StatusMarried
Height5’ 8’’

She may reside with her husband in Australia currently but has roots in America. The actress was born in Lowell, Massachusetts on February 20th, 1981 making her 37 years old. Her nationality is therefore American by birth and Australian by marriage.

Much of her early life knows no records. However, a little digging doesn’t hurt. We uncovered that she moved quite a lot when growing up. In fact, it’s the exposure she got living off in different homes that made her cautious about the supernatural.

To dive in a few facts about Kris Williams, she grew up in New Hampshire where she attended Rivier College. While at the institution, she studied Communications. Other qualifications include being a member of The Atlanta Paranormal Society where she works as the case manager. Other skills include her photography skills and experience with electronics.


Kris Williams tied the knot last year. For all the men out there with prospects of her, that ship already sailed. In fact, she’s not in America anymore. Instead, she keeps it chilled in the Outback continent enjoying her $7 million net worth with her pilot of a husband. Retirement sure did come early for the 37-year old actress