George Jung Wife, Ex-wife, Net Worth, Daughter of real former drug trafficker and smuggler

George Jacob Jung,  became famous after his life story was portrayed in the movie Blow (2001), starring Johnny Depp. Jung was a part of the Medellin Cartel, and he was nicknamed Boston George and El Americano. He was one of the biggest drug traffickers, who smuggling huge quantities of cocaine into the US.

Like any drug smuggler, It was normal for George Jung to often pay a visit to the prison cell doing small times, but things changed in 1994, and he was sentenced to 60 years in prison. He made a deal with the law and decided to testify against his partner Carlos Lehder Rivas to get his sentence reduced to 20 years, and he was released in 2014.

George Jung married life and divorce with ex-wife Mirtha Jung

We found out about George Jung’s wife Mirtha Jung from the fictional character in “Blow,” where she was portrayed as strong and incredible women by Penelope Cruz.

Mirtha Jung became George Jung’s wife when he was part of Medellin Cartel. They got married in 1977, and only one year after marriage they had a daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung. They got divorced in 1984 when he was in prison.

George Jung's Ex-Wife Mirtha Jung

George Jung’s Ex-Wife Mirtha Jung

With a husband one of the biggest drug traffickers, who smuggling huge quantities of cocaine into the US, Mirtha became addicted to cocaine, but she went clean 1981 in the name of her daughter who was only three years old.

Did George Jung get married again after divorce with Mirtha Jung?

There is no information about George Jung’s private life after he got out from prison. The reason for his privacy could be because of the bad blood he created when he testified against his ex-partner. The only connections are known after that was only with his daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung. According to some sources, he has another daughter, Clara Pearson but we didn’t find other detail about her or who her mother is.

George has a daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung

George Jung only daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung was born in 1978, after just one year of marriage with Mirtha. The relationship between them wasn’t a perfect, mainly because most of her life George was in prison.

She visited her dad during his incarceration and also spoke on the phone soon after he was released. Apparently, they have a good relationship now, and they also run a family business together“Boston George Apparel and Merchandise.”

Kristina Sunshine Jung Facebook Page

Kristina Sunshine Jung Daughter of George Jung

They also appeared together on different events as we can see on their Instagram accounts @kristina_sunshine_jung and @bostongeorge apparel.

George Jung Net worth and properties

According to some sourcing, George Jung’s net worth is somewhere around $10 thousand.

The fact about the actual source of George Jung’s income is the family Business Boston George Apparel and Merchandise and like he said on his online shop website,

“now he sells dope clothes”.

“I can’t sell dope anymore, so now I sell dope Clothes”.

The brand is

“owned by the JUNG family bloodline which includes only two people: George Jung and Kristina Sunshine Jung. It was established by Kristina when George was released to her custody from federal prison in 2014”,

as they said in one post on BG Apparel Tumblr. Account. Now that he owns a real legal business, his net worth is sure to rise in future.

In 2016, Boston George along with Tremendous Films Inc. planned to develop a reality show and they launched a video on Youtube called Boston George Pilot.

Short biography on George Jung

George Jung was born on August 6, 1942, in Boston, Massachusetts to Frederick and Ermine Jung. He was a drug trafficker and became famous after his life was pictured in 2001 movie “Blow.” He was married to Mirtha Jung from 1977 to 1984, and they have a daughter Kristina Sunshine King.

Notorious Ex-Cocaine Kingpin George Jung Out of Prison

Notorious Ex-Cocaine Kingpin George Jung Out of Prison


When he was released in 2014 after completing his jail time, he started to patch up the relationship with his daughter Kristina, and now they are running a business family together, BG Apparel and Merchandise.