Gabriel Iglesias Son Frankie Iglesias Bio: Mother Claudia Valdez.

If you know Gabriel Iglesias, you probably know he has a son Frankie. But did you know Frankie isn’t the real son of Gabriel?  Shocked? it is the truth. Know more on Gabriel Iglesias Son Frankie.

Whois Gabriel Iglesias’ son, Frankie’s mother, and Biological Father?

Great comedian Gabriel intended to make people laugh every day with his funny acting. It is known that in his personal life there is also a girl that Gabriel makes and tries to keep happy. Her name is Claudia Valdez. They both live together in his hometown.

Frankie Valdez is Claudia’s child from her previous relationship. He lives with his mum and Gabriel. Fluffy has taken every responsibility for Frankie. One of the reasons Fluffy is committed to raising Frankie and give him all support is because he grew up without a father and that’s why he sees his girlfriend’s son as his. So it seems like Fluffy not only has a big body but also a big heart!

Gabriel Iglesias with his girlfriend Claudia Valdez

Frankie Iglesias parents, Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia Valdez

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Claudia Valdez, the mother of Gabriel Iglesias’ son, Frankie, is a well-known actress and producer being popular for producing in 2010 hit movie, Monsters. She always had influences of Hollywood coming from her family, and because of that she inclined towards acting and sought her career in Hollywood.

Claudia and Gabriel are in a relationship for the past few years. The couple is cute because both are “Fluffy” and they always appear with such a big “appetite for life”.

Gabriel seeking out a girlfriend for his son Frankie

Fluffy is a passionate social media user, and he likes to keep a strong relationship with his fans and followers in his twitter account. Further, Gabriel was seeking out a girlfriend for his son via Twitter as Frankie turned nineteen last year:

“My son is great! He’s 19 and chills. What a life! Any cute girls wanna take him off my hands? He has all his shots #FreeFrankie”.

Lucky Frankie for having such a cool, friendly, loving dad! By the number of comments on this topic, it seemed that this Tweet was a success and who knows?Maybe Frankie got a date after that!

Even if Gabriel makes a lot of fun of his son Frankie, they are not seen together very often. It’s like Fluffy wants his son to be in the center of attention of his fans and followers but without exposing him in public.

Wiki-bio of Gabriel Iglesias Son Frankie Iglesias

Name: Frankie Valdez

Birth: 8th of December 1997

Parents: Mother Claudia Valdez, Step-father Gabriel Iglesias. Claudia and Gabriel kept all the details regarding his biological father as private as possible.

Birth Place: United States

Short bio on Gabriel Igleasis

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias was born on July 15th, 1976 in San Diego, California. He is popular by the name “Fluffy.” He got this name after appearing in “I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy” and “Hot & Fluffy”. Gabriel is one talented American actor, comedian, voice actor, writer, and producer. This “Fluffy” guy loves comedy where he also loves self-irony, making comedy out of his overweight.

In the “Fluffy Movie”, Iglesias explains how at his heaviest weight (according to his statements) he was 445 pounds (202 kilograms), being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and was given two years to live by his doctor. Gabriel said knowing he had only two years of his life left; he realized he hasn’t been taking care of himself well and that is how he decided to drop some weight.

At the moment, the comedian living happily in Whittier, California with his longtime girlfriend/partner Claudia Valdez along with their son Frankie.