Frankie Valli Net worth 2018. His House & Cars.

Several Rock stars have come and gone. One who has stayed relevant and alive for many years is Frankie Valli. Find out more about his musical career, discography, bio and what it all amounted to regarding net worth here.

The name Rock has quite some meanings. To a geologist, it’s a hard earth substance, a weapon to a psycho and everyday sight to a homeless person. However, give the same name to a music lover, and he’ll tell you it’s a type of music genre that has been existence from our founding fathers.

Frankie Valli’s Net Worth is $80 Million in 2018.

For the millennials out there who may not have been around when he was at his prime, here’s a short description of who just who he is. The most important thing to know about him is that his pipes are insane and off the charts. He was the vocalist in the 60’s Rock-Pop Band named Four Seasons and done quite a lot for music. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves, more on that on his career.

Frankie Valli sprouts a net worth of $80 million. This comes from all the years he set aside working and believe us, it’s a lot. The artist has been singing his heart out since 1953 and owed most of his fame and fortune to music and the industry. He has always had a thing for boy bands and doesn’t just belong to them; he is their lead singer. Frankie Valli did it with Four Seasons and was the star of the Broadway musical Jersey Boys

Image of Frankie Valli Net worth $80 million

Frankie Valli Net worth $80 million

Other sources of his fame and fortune come from his acting. To get that much recognition from music and not do a few acts here and there would be such a waste. Well, Valli was no dummy. He definitely could spot an opportunity when he saw one and featured in The Sopranos, Full House, Miami Vice and so much more.

Career and Achievements that gave Frankie Valli $80 Million Net worth.

As mentioned earlier, he had his roots singing in a boy band. However, Four Seasons wasn’t his first. The 50’s were filled with astounding talent. One such was the trio he began singing with. It consisted of Nickie and Tommy DeVito as well as Nick Macioci who formed the Variety Trio.

Like most boy bands, it broke up and got rejuvenated into The Strand. Frankie went on to produce some singles as well as collaborations in other groups formed much later on known as The Walker Brothers. The singles, covers and some of the collaborations he did elevate him further with some of the songs topping the Billboard charts.

A major setback occurred on 1967 when he lost his hearing. You can understand how this could cripple an artist’s career. This didn’t stop him from doing what he loved most as he sang from memory on what he remembered about music. Good news came in 1980 when he underwent surgery and restored his hearing.

In the early 90’s his vocals finally paid off when he joined the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with his name in the same list as Elvis Presley and the likes. All his albums have his name watermarked on them; talk about security. They include Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons: 25th Anniversary Collection, Very Best of Frankie Valli, Valli Gold and much more.

House and Cars in Frankie Valli’s Net Worth.

He may be in his retirement age but not spending time in some retirement home playing Bingo. Instead, the lead singer made a wise real estate deal and bought a home in Southern California. The place stands at roughly 14,500 square feet with six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. To top it all off, the place has a Jacuzzi next to a swimming pool to take care of his skin. The new Encino home didn’t come cheap either as he parted with $4.3 million just to buy it.

It’s got oversized windows, a circular driveway, a gourmet kitchen and a home cinema to relax. The place has a garage but no information about the cars he drives. For a man his age, we doubt he still drives. If any, we think he has a personal chauffeur who gets him to places

Frankie Valli’s Wife and Married life.

Most musicians regard their fans as their family. Some have a huge following while others have the support of the locals. The Rockstar has both. He found love three times and sadly, they all weren’t the one for him.

Image of Frankie Valli Family

Frankie Valli Family

His first wife was named Mary in 1958, and together they had two lovely girls. She also had a girl from her previous relationship named Celia. The love soon faded away in 1971 when the couple got divorced. It wasn’t long before he fell in love with another, Mary Ann Hannagan. The couple got married in 1974 and stayed true to each other until 1982 when they separated. He sure had a thing for ladies named Mary.

Image of Frankie Valli wife

Frankie Valli wife

To break the Mary streak relationship, he married Randy Clohessy in 1984. Together they had three sons before they finally separated in 2004. Celia died in a freak accident when she fell off a fire accident while Francine, his youngest drug overdosed.


NameFrankie Valli
Date of BirthMay 3rd, 1934
Place of BirthNew Jersey
ProfessionSinger and actor
Net worth$80 million
Marital StatusDivorced
Height5’ 5’’

The vocalist has very humble beginnings. His father, Anthony was a barber while his mother Mary Rinaldi worked as a homemaker. Well, what do you know? His love for Marys does have an origin story. Frankie Valli was born in 1934, May 3rd in New Jersey USA. That makes his nationality American whereas his ancestry dwells in the Italian perspective. His early life is unknown. However, he did grow up with two other brothers.


Frankie Valli has left a legacy to be filled. Surpassing his net worth of $80 million is going to be a challenge to anyone by the time they reach his age. With no wife and the kids all grown up, it looks like it’s going to be smooth sailing for him in his retirement.