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Many people think that to become famous or to make a lot of fortune; you have to be a musician, actor or an avid business person. But, there are many other ways one can gain all these. Let’s take for instance Jason Knight: by far one of the best bladesmiths the world has ever had. He is a professional in this field, and his love for knives has seen him become a respected figure and has made quite a good fortune from his work. In this guide, we shall review more about Jason Knight Bladesmith’s net worth, married life, wife, age and so much more.

Early life

Jason was born in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. He was raised in the hinterlands. Since he was young, he always had a need for a sturdy knife to cut his way through the bushes while exploring the swamplands of upper Dorchester County. This gave him the desire to make ignited his passion in bladesmith.

Jason attended the Bill Moran School of Bladesmith in Old Washington. His teacher was Master Bladesmith, Jay Hendrickson. While in school he met his now close pal, Jim Rodebaugh. After completing the course, he went on to become a full-time bladesmith.

Forged Fire Jason Knight Bladesmith early life

Caption:- Jason was born in Charleston, South Carolina, USA and  raised in the hinterlands

Married life, wife, kids

Jason is a married man. He is married to his beautiful wife Shelly, whom he says has been very supportive of his career and has enabled him to pursue his career.  Jason lives with his wife and kids in South Eastern, United States.

Jason Knight Bladesmith Net worth

Jason seems to be a quiet person, especially when it comes to his salary and net worth. Jason Knight Bladesmith has not shared any information about his net worth, or how much he is earning from his blade smith job. However, it is obvious that his salary and net worth are high, thanks to his successful career in bladesmith.

Forged Fire Jason Knight Bladesmith Net Worth

Caption:- Forged Fire Jason Knight Bladesmith Net Worth is UnKnown


Jason’s love for the knives started at a very young age. However, his love for knives grew, even more, when he met his two friends, Karen Shook and Daniel Winkler.

He started to follow prolific and creative makers in the industry, and appreciating those who encouraged him to continue chasing his destiny.

He continues to hone skills while getting inspiration from movies and books. He and his wife saw watched the movie “The Last of the Mohican,” entailing axes and knives made by Daniel Winkler.

He left the cinema encouraging and knowing he too can become a full-time knife maker.

Forged Fire Jason Knight Bladesmith

Caption:- Forged Fire Jason Knight Bladesmith is cool Knives Maker

Jason created his first knives through a method known as stock removal process. Jason won an award at the Blade Show West for the “Best New Maker.”

His work and style quickly caught the attention of many people. Jason says Daniel Winkler and George Herron are the two people who encouraged him to use his own creative niche to design knives.

He received an ABS Mastersmith rating in 2007 and went on to win a host of many other awards. Some of the notable awards that Jason has won include:

2017  Knife Collaboration of the Year
2012 Best Bowie; Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair
2010Battle of the Bladesmith Champion – ABS Great Smokey Mountain Symposium


2008  BLADE Handmade Award for Best Bowie; Blade Magazine




Bill Moran Award; American Bladesmith Society


Best Bowie; Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair


Best Fighter; Arkansas Knife Makers Association Show


B.R. Hughes Award; American Bladesmith Society


ABS Mastersmith Rating; American Bladesmith Society


BLADE Handmade Award for Best Fighter; Blade Magazine


BLADE Handmade Award for Best Non-Damascus Hand-Forged Knife; Blade Magazine


ABS Journeyman Rating; American Bladesmith Society


South Carolina Knife of the Year; South Carolina Association of Knifemakers


Best New Maker; Blade Show West

Wiki-bio, Age: How old is Jason Knight Bladesmith?

Jason Knight is one of the most prolific and creative bladesmiths in the world. He has been designing knives for more than ten years. Throughout his career, he has accomplished a lot and has won many awards.

Currently, Jason is teaching the next frontline of bladesmiths in the science and art of blasé making in different smithing schools and colleges around the country

Hanging in the shop with good friends David & Caryn Henniger and Clay & Lara Watts

Posted by Jason Knight on Friday, July 25, 2014

Bladesmith Jason Knight is 52 years old as of writing this article.

NameJason Knight
ProfessionBlade Smith
Forged Fire Jason Knight Bladesmith with Nepali ancient Kukri

Caption:- Forged Fire Jason Knight Bladesmith with Kukri