What Happened To Flip From Street Outlaws? How Did Tyler “FLipp” Priddy Die?

Flip From Street Outlaws real name is Tyler Gene Priddy who was born on 30th November 1981 in Chickasha Oklahoma which is home to the Street Outlaws. Little is known about his parent Gene Priddy and Glenda Log Priddy. He attended Hinton Elementary School and later graduated from Putnam City High School. Tyler ‘Flip’ Priddy from Street Outlaws had a love for muscle cars since he was a kid. He used to ride bikes as well as watch drag races with his best friend Justin Shearer who is commonly known as Big Chef.  Check out to know How Flip From Street Outlaws Died.

How Did Flip From Street Outlaws  Die?

Flip dies at his Yukon Oklahoma home on 28th May 2013 just a few weeks before Street outlaws premiered. At the time of his death, he was 31 years old.

His family did not disclose the cause of his death, but it is clearly stated that his death was not related to racing which is what most people though kill Tyler Priddy.

There are rumors that Flip killed himself among his fans.  However, the reasons for him taking his life are not yet known. There are also rumors that he suffered from depression and that his wife was also cheating on him. All these claims have not been confirmed yet.

Image of Tyler Gene Priddy

The suicide rumor was fuelled by Morgan Priddy’s statement where he stands that suicide is ignored in most cases and he was ready to share with the world that should not be. This was immediately after the Flip’s death. However, this claim was quite inconclusive.

There are other rumors that state that he was careless with a gun when he was drunk and that he died of an inflicted gunshot. This claim was also not confirmed either.

Flips appeared on the show for just one season, but fans greatly miss him. Fan continues to send their messages of condolences on the shows social media page as well as the bio page. For those fans trying to find out what happened to Flip from Street Outlaws, you have the answer.

Flip’s Death Hit Hard on His family and Fellow Dragsters

Tyler was survived by his wife Morgan Amber Priddy as well as his four sones. He has a brother Chris Priddy and their parents. His kids also share in his love of ride and are showing great interest in following in his footsteps.

His wife has tattooed the names of their kids as well as their birth dates on her body. She also added another tattoo after Flip passed away. The skull with wings is a reminder of the death of her husband who was a big part of her life.

After Flip died his fellow dragsters, all gathered together in their muscle car to honor him and staged a huge burnout in his memory.

His best friend Big Chef had chocked on the show more than once when they were talking about Flip. This is a great indicator of the impact he had on the people around him.

Tyler Priddy will be remembered by his crew by how well his crew from Street outlaws spoke about him. Street Outlaws will never be complete without Flip in it.

Tyler “Flip” Priddy Bio.

Flip from Street Outlaws is famous because of his love for riding. He grew up among gearheads but grew up to be among the meanest dragsters on the streets of Oklahoma. He came from a very humble background, and his first job was as a storekeeper. Most of his life was spent working as a construction worker in heavy construction at Warren Caterpillar. His job there funded his passion for drag racing.

Tyler went on to beat out several prospective racers to become a star in Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaw. On the show, he is seen racing El Camino. El Camino is the name given to his care because it is made of parts which Flip begged, stole or borrowed. The car was a beauty but a ticking time bomb.