Fast and Loud Christie Brimberry wiki: age, net worth, bikini body, cancer

Gas monkey garage girl Christie Brimberry AKA Zoo Keeper is the only woman in the show. Professionally she is the manager and an assistant to the producer Richard Rawlings. Stay tuned to know more on her age and net worth in wiki type bio.

Age: How old is Gas monkey garage girl Christie Brimberry?

Her Date of Birth is 21st April 1940. So as of writing this article Cristine Brimberry’s age is 40 years old. Despite her age, she has done pretty well handling the Gas Monkey Garage and her family with a husband and six kids. Here is her birthday Instagram post.

Net Worth:

The cast of Fast N’ Loud is rich. Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kauffman have made quite a fortune from the show. To cut it short they are millionaires with impressive net worth. But do you know how much salary does Christie Brimberry takes from the office? Or what her net worth is? Check it out.
The Show never talked about it’s cast net worth. So no official statements from the show have been released about Christie’s net worth. Also no words from her on how much salary she gets. But according to various sources, she receives a salary of $5,000 per month and she has been working for Richard and Gas Monkey Garage for a while now. So Christie Brimberry net worth is around $50,000 as of 2017.

Fast and Loud Christie Brimberry Bikini body.

At 40 years of age Fast and loud Christie girl still, has stunning looks. She has released some of her bikini pictures in the internet and fans are going Crazy. See for yourself.

Hot Christie Brimberry in bikini photo

Fast N Loud Christie Brimberry seems stunning in bikini

Source: Pinterest

Fast and Loud girl has cancer.

Christie Brimberry has been treated for Thyroid, trachea and lymph nodes cancer. She posted on her social media about her cancer and raised funds for the treatment. Some people left negative comments on her post so she again left another post explaining how she is alive because of the donations she has received from sharing the post. Here is the exact post she posted on Facebook.

So JUST IN CASE IT MATTERS TO ANYONE WHO IS UPSET WITH THE STORIES I POST…..I was diagnosed with cancer in August of last year, had an EXTENSIVE surgery and treatment that would financially ruin most people! This “bullsh!t” as you called it is helping to pay that bill so I didn’t die! So, if you choose to leave my page, that’s ok! At least I’m still alive to say goodbye!!

In October 2016 Fast and loud girl revealed that she had gone through thyroidectomy to remove the cancer.

Christie Brimberry Facebook post about her cancer details

Christie Brimberry post about her cancer details in Facebook

Christie Brimberry Wiki info

Marital Status: Married
Husband: Not known
Age: 40 years
Kids: yes, 6 kids.
Height: greater than 5 feet
Weight: 40 Kg
Ethnicity: White
Nationality: American