EL James Net Worth

EL James aka Erika Mitchell is one of the most influential writers in the world. The author became interested in reading novels after watching the movie, Twilight. She became famous after writing the famous Fifty Shades of Grey!
The book became controversial but controversies are good for authors! She continued to be in the news and her books started selling like hot cakes! The author is much-loved by millions of people!

Let us take a quick look at her early life, career, achievements and net worth 2018. How much money did she accumulate during her writing career? How did she get inspired to write an erotic story?

EL James Early Life

EL James was born as Erika Mitchell in the year 1963 on 7th March. She was born in Willesden, England. Her father was a cameraman. The young Erika was raised in Buckinghamshire.

EL James Net Worth

Erika Mitchell studied History at the University of Kent in South East England.

EL James married Niall Leonard in the year 1987 and they have been married since then. The couple have two children.

The author uses two pen names – EL James and Snow queen’s Ice dragon. How did she get the inspiration to write the erotic story?

Erika watched the Twilight movie and became interested to read novels. She started reading the novels on which the story was based on. Erika started writing sequels to the Twilight novels. The author started to publish her novels in Kindle under her pen name, ‘Snow queen Ice dragons’. In the year 2009, she started to write Fifty Shades books.

EL James Career, Awards & Achievement

Erika Mitchell is a prominent author, who wrote the erotic book, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. After writing the highly acclaimed book, Erika wrote Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. More than 125 million copies have been sold across the globe.

In fact, Time Magazine has named her as one of the Most Influential People. She was featured in the World’s 100 Most Influential People.

Awards & Achievements

EL James has won the hearts of the youth and many people across the globe. Some critics complained about the number of sex stories in her work but the book has still become a best-seller.

The books have got many mixed reviews but most of them are positive. We do believe that sex is a biological need and there is nothing to be ashamed of! According to Maslow’s hierarchy, sex is a biological need but we shy away from such topics because we are too afraid to showcase our sexuality.

The BDSM lifestyle showcased in the books were too explicit but the youth embraced the books with open arms! The controversy worked in her favour.

In fact, EL James was featured in the TIME magazine in the list of World’s 100 Most Influential People.

Net Worth of EL James

EL James has a net worth of $85 million. She is a celebrated novelist and also a former TV executive. She has earned all this money through the sale of her books and even the sale of movie rights. The author is currently living in West London with her family.

EL James is internationally known for her excellent writing skills. She gathered the attention of the youth. The erotic novel has become a hit across the globe. In fact, it has become a best-seller. We are waiting for her new set of books!

The author’s work is praise-worthy and her books continue to interest individuals of different age groups. Very few women talk about sexuality and EL James is one of them!