Derek Fisher Net Worth

Derek Lamar Fisher aka Derek Fisher is an eminent basketball player as well as a coach based in America. He is primarily recognized as the head coach of the globally acclaimed New York Knicks of National Basketball Association, for which he had also played for a total of eighteen seasons. A greater portion of the career of Fisher has been spending with the Los Angeles Lakers, along with whom, Fisher is known to win a total of 5 National Basketball Association Championships. Hence, let us give a quick look at the extraordinary journey of Derek Fisher and acknowledge his career and stunning net worth 2018.

Derek Fisher Early Life

Derek Fisher was born on the 9th of August in the year 1974 in the Little Rock region of Arkansas. In the region, Fisher had attained education in the prestigious Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School. During his school days, Fisher was eventually enrolled as a letterman in The Game of basketball, owing to his exceptional playing skills.

Derek Fisher Net Worth

Thereafter, Fisher had pursued higher studies from the honorable University of Arkansas at Little Rock to study communications for a tenure of 4 years. Even here, Fisher had never failed to leave an imprint of success in basketball and established record-breaking scores altogether. He had a glorious 3rd rank in UALR leaders. In the year 2005, Fisher had contributed a sum of $700,000 to the UALR for the construction of Jack Stephens Center gymnasium which still holds his honor.

Derek Fisher Career, Awards & Achievement

Derek Fisher had ranked 24th in the 1996 NBA, held by the Los Angeles Lakers. He was also selected by the team, since the very first match, from the entire Little Rock, Arkansas. Henceforth, he is known to have spent the primary eight seasons playing along with them.

Derek had received garlands of appreciations when in 2004 he had victoriously won over San Antonio Spurs at a ticking minute of 0.4 seconds left on the clock- an event which had marked history during the faceoff in NBA. Several timeouts had occurred prior to the incident which was termed as the “miracle shot”. Henceforth, even in the following game 6 of NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers had attained victory over the Spurs in the consequent faceoffs. This had resulted in the defeat and elimination of the Spurs from The Game and in the ultimate victory of the team of Derek Fisher.

In the very same year 2004, Derek Fisher had also signed a $37 million contract with the Golden State Warriors. Fisher had henceforth emerged as a very consistent player marking a series of victory in his entire career and attaining recognition on a global scale. In the year 2011, Fisher was also invited to the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame. Noting down the exceptional victories, Derek Fisher was also appointed as a Point Guard in the Los Angeles Lakers. However, Fisher is reported to have retired as a coach in the year 2014.

Derek Fisher is presently appointed as a head coach in the New York Knicks. Besides this, he is also a championship guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Awards & Achievement

Derek Fisher had won innumerable basketball tournaments since a very tender age while he was at school. Among his series of victories, Fisher’s “miracle shot” with the Los Angeles Lakers against Spurs at a remarkable last 0.4 seconds, happens to be his lifetime’s achievement.

Net Worth of Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher is recognized as a gem in the field of basketball. He had started showcasing his stunning skills in The Game during his schooling days and had garnered several victories by the time he had reached his college. Fisher’s greatest achievements are counted during his stay in the team of Los Angles Lakers. He had also bagged extreme victories from the NBA championships which have eventually led to an approximated net worth of Derek Fisher to be $40 million as of the present year 2018.

Derek Fisher has been inspiring the budding basketball players for a very long time. His winning “miracle shot” has forever remained a matter of discussion and appraisal in the field of basketball. Fisher had also been married to Candace since the year 2005. In spite of having four children, the duo had recently split up in 2015.