Dave Kindig wikipedia bio: wife, married, age, Net worth, birthday

Dave Kindig is an American businessperson and reality tv star of Caucasian origin. He’s the owner of Kindig-It Design, a company that’s specialized in redesigning both old and new vehicles. So, it is also called custom car restoration shop. In 2015, he debuted his tv career by starring in the TV show ‘Beyond Bitching.’ He is now a popular figure in the world of custom designing all thanks to this show.

Dave Kindig married life with wife Charity Kindig, any kids?

Dave Kindig is married to his longtime girlfriend, Charity Kindig who he employs in his company in the position of vice president of Kindig-IT Design. Plans are being made by Charity to increase their company to gain higher market share.

His children included Bayleekindig and drew Kindig who are still youngsters but play vital roles in Kindig-It Design.So, apart from his wife, he also employs other members of his family. They’ll be able to realize the custom merchandise at your taste depending on available means too.

Dave Kindig with his Wife Charity Kindig

Caption:- Dave Kindig with his Wife Charity Kindig

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Net worth

According to some credible sources, Dave Kindig’s net worth is estimated to be between $2 Million to 2.5 million, but this is not official.

His income sources include the car shop, Kindig-it Design and the check gotten from featuring, on his own reality show,‘Beyond Bitchin’ Rides’ which provides him popularity across the nation.

He may have other smaller sources of income butKindig-it Design and ‘Beyond Bitchin’ Ride’ brings in a fair share to his net worth. In a nutshell, nobody really can disclose the net worth of Dave, all is speculation.

Dave Kindig's Net Worth is Above $2 Million

Caption:- Dave Kindig’s Net Worth is Above $2 Million

His Age, birthday

The information about his age and birthday is undisclosed, this information has not been made public. Some people speculate on his age judging his physic and his children. But as we know age is not written on the face. Some say he is in his mid-forties.


Dave Kindig established his organization Kindig-It Design in 1999. His talent and hard work have blessed him with Awards which includes: 2013 Ford Design Award. He has also been awarded 2012 Master Builder Award, GM Design Award in 2007. These are distinctions not every person in the domain can be proud of having, but he has many of them to his name.

Modifying new and changing recent autos was his huge aspect of interest and he has remodeled it into a productive business venture and a great investment.

He is owner and creator in chief at Kindig-it Design. He is likewise the owner of his cool development; swish entrance handles patent # eight,894,109.

Dave Kindig and his Designed truck

Caption:- Dave Kindig and his Designed truck

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He uses this attention-grabbing instrument to upgrade swish looks on his traditions and beliefs. Dave uses many individuals, one among them being his own spouse Charity Kindig. She fills in as a Vice president and is the mother of their two kids, Baylee and drew Kindig, workers of Kindig-It Design too.

He also has employees such as Valerie Gillies, his smartest employee and champion promoter of the company. While other employees include Kelvin Schiele, Carlos Delgado and will Lockwood.

His talent for designing and his love for vehicles developed at a tender age.