Darrell Miklos Wiki-bio: Wife, age, net worth

Darrell Miklos is an American television personality, reality television actor, and treasure hunter. He is the co-founder of Gemini Marine Exploration; a company specialized in historical shipwreck recovery. He also stars in his TV show on Discovery Channel known as ‘Cooper’s Treasure.’ Find out more about his Married life and wife in Wiki type biography. Also, know his net worth and age.

Cooper’s treasure cast Darrell Miklos married life and wife

Darrell Miklos has a wife and a daughter. His wife is not a cast member of his show, ‘Cooper’s treasure’, so, she’s not famous, unlike her husband. They have been married for many years now.

Miklos says his wife is always scared about his numerous treasures hunting adventures and cited a particular incident about a hurricane that took place back in 2014 when his daughter had just been put to birth.

The situation was so serious that he called home to say goodbye. This made his mother and his wife very worried.

Darrell Miklos wife..?

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Net worth and salary

Darrell Miklos net worth is estimated between $1 million to $1.2 million as of 2017. His salary per episode is $30,000. His company ‘Gemini Marine Exploration’ and his show ‘Cooper’s treasure’ brings in a lot of money, so nobody is surprised at the estimates of his net worth.

Though Miklos may have other sources of income, those are his main. His net worth increased with the airing of his show that very high viewer and following rates.

Darrel Miklos's Net worth is around $1.5 Million.

Caption:- Darrell Miklos’s Net worth is around $1.5 Million.

His Wiki-biography

Darrell Miklos’s birthday and age are not public, but it’s widely known that he is married and father of a daughter or possibly more kids.He should be in his late forties or early fifties. Darrell comes from a family with a deep history of treasure hunting from shipwrecks all over the globe. His interest in adventure and especially treasure developed from a very tender age.

He is the co-founder of Gemini Marine Exploration a company specialized in historical shipwreck recovery. He also stars in his show on Discovery Channel known as ‘Cooper’s Treasure’ which started July 2017 and is simply about Miklos’ adventures to different places, in search of shipwrecks with the aim of reaping the fortunes that have been buried with them for hundreds of years.

Darrel Miklos with his children

Caption:- Darrell Miklos with his children

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Miklos was a very good friend of astronaut Cooper, whom he first met at ‘The Merv Griffin show’ the day Miklo’s father was a guest star.

Cooper is the man who noticed several dark sports in the ocean while he was on the orbit of the earth. Very convinced these were all ancient shipwrecks, he decided to make a map. Now Miklos is using this map to hunt cooper’s hidden treasures in the memory of his old friend Gordon Cooper.

He has gone to places like the Bermuda triangle, searched for the fortune at the coast of Miami to the Bahamas and many other places. His adventures come with different risks.

Some of these risks include high tides which can sink a ship. Another danger is hurricanes like the one which made him call his mother, wife, and daughter thinking it was his last days on earth.