Daphne Zuniga Net Worth, Married, Husband, age

San Francisco-born American actress and passionate environmentalist Daphne Zuniga started off her acting career in 1982, at the age of 19 with the role of Debbie in the film The Dorm That Dripped Blood. Lead role in the horror movie The Initiation followed two years later and launched her both on movie and television screens.

Today, she is out of the spotlight, and maybe we don’t hear about her net worth, getting married or getting a hot new husband, unlike when it comes to the other actors of her generation. However, she might be known to younger generations due to her environmentalist activism rather than acting. Where is Daphne Zuniga today?

She isn’t married to a husband. Daphne Zuniga remains unmarried at the age of 55.

Despite her long career and exposure to media, Zuniga was not prone to public scandals, not even hinting some juicy relationship details to the press. Quite the contrary, in the media you may find information about her work, nothing about expensive houses, crazy parties, married life or controversial husbands mentioned.

Only two of her relationships were known to the public eye, an affair with Jason Gedrick in 1986 and soon after Emilio Estevez, both relationships not lasting for too long, although it seemed she would get married and make Estevez her first husband. Today, at age 55, she remains unmarried, leaving space for speculations over her secret love affairs and potential husband-to-be.

Daphne Zuniga with her boyfriend Emilio Estevez

Daphne Zuniga dating relationship with Emilio Estevez

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Mindfulness and meditation practice created a firm center of balance in her life, and her line of work is what she puts in front of the public. It seems that her message is that it is not all about net worth, having a husband, living married life and thriving in the role of a wife.

Family: Parents, Sisters.

Since the early age, Zuniga was interested in acting which led to attending the Young Conservatory program of American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

Born on October 28, 1962, to Agnes A. Zuniga (Janawicz), of Polish and Finnish descent and Joaquin Alberto Zuniga Mazariegos, originally from Guatemala, Zuniga has two sisters: Jennifer Zuniga, and Rosario Zuniga.

After her parents’ marriage ended, as a teen at the time Zuniga moved in with her mother and sisters from California to Vermont where she graduated from Woodstock Union High School in 1980. It didn’t take long for Daphne to find her way back to California and first love, acting.

Career and profession

After graduating, actress-to-be headed to Los Angeles to attend UCLA and study Theater Arts. Daphne landed her first big role as Debbie in The Dorm That Dripped Blood(1982) while attending UCLA. This was just a start as the new roles and genres followed: 1984 The Initiation, a horror movie and appearance in a couple of episodes of television’s series Family Ties.

These co-starring and supporting roles were followed by the lead role of Kelly Fairchild/Terry Fairchild with John Cusack in The Sure Thing in 1985. From that point onwards, for this American actress is best known for her smokie voice, blue eyes-dark hair combo, racy legs and most importantly very natural way of acting, things just went for the better, increasing both her net worth and number of roles landed.

In the last decade, the 55-year-old actress is best known for her role of Victoria Davis in the movie One Tree Hill. Her role of Jo Reynolds in Melrose Place has also given boost in her career and fame.

What is her Net Worth?

Daphne Zuniga has an estimated Net Worth of $2 million.

Daphne Zuniga's net worth is $2 Million

Daphne Zuniga’s net worth is $2 Million

Some might argue that $2 million net worth in Hollywood terms is not much. She focused on activism in environmental issues feeling that we don’t give anything back to Planet Earth. LA municipality recognized her efforts, and she was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles RiverRevitalization Corporation in 2009. Not only she was a founding member of the Earth Communications Office (ECO), but Zuniga has also worked with Natural Resources Defense Council, the Waterkeeper Alliance, and Environment California.