Dan Bilzerian Net worth 2018. His Height, Weight, Age, Rich Lifestyle.

Gambling is only called an addiction when something goes wrong, or the player doesn’t often win. So what if the tables are turned, and luck runs on your side? Could you make a career out of it? If Dan Bilzerian could make a career out of it, then the sky should be the limit for you. Here is a detailed piece as to Dan’s net worth, height, weight, age and much more

Who is Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian goes by many names. From Instagram King, Blitz, to Instagram Playboy King, he has made headlines with his reputation.

The Instagram King is an internet personality known for his extravagant lifestyle and poker skills. He is the brother of Adam Bilzerian, also a famous poker player.

Both are the sons of corporate takeover extremist Paul Bilzerian and their mother, Terri Steffen. The family is believed to have a high IQ enabling them to quickly analyze and take advantage of a situation.

Dan Bilzerian Net worth 2018.

Dan Bilzerian’s current net worth stretches to a whopping $100 Million.

Dan Bilzerian Net worth

Caption:- Dan Bilzerian’s Net worth is $10 Million.

The bulk of Dan Bilzerian net worth comes from betting. With the trust fund from his father as starting capital, he enrolled to the World Series of Poker main event and finished at position 180.

Dan is one hell of a poker player. In fact, he once made $12.8 million in a span of just three games which takes many their whole lifetime to achieve.

He didn’t stop there.  He made a wager with attorney Tom Goldstein for a race with the winner taking $385 thousand at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

He has stated in the past that his total net worth doesn’t just come from his inheritance, but most of it attributed to the wins he makes.

Other sources include the earnings he got from his appearances on major box office hits such as Olympus has fallen, The Equalizer, War Dogs and much more

House, Cars in Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth.

With all that money to blow, it’s almost definite that he would spend some of it on luxurious houses and the sleekest rides. He owns the Eleanor Ford Mustang and the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster worth around $400,995.

Adding to the list is the Classic AC Cobra which he hasn’t driven for years and a Land Cruiser. His cars all total to close to $5 million.

To own all this and not a house to park them would be quite ridiculous. He owns two mansions, one in Hollywood Hills, California that he hosts wild parties with A-List Celebrities and another in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rich Lifestyle

Straight off from his $4.5 million mansion in Nevada, the millionaire boasts as one of the riches Playboys in the market. His wardrobe contains a $50,000 suit that he has worn only once and much more. His bedside cabinet is filled to the brim with condoms and all sorts of guns

He hangs out with some of his closest friends including Floyd Mayweather and Steven Aoki, and together they live the most outrageous lifestyles.

With close to a non-existent moral compass and zero financial constraints, he parties every single day and has been slapped with several lawsuits for his excessive activities.

Married to Wife or dating a girlfriend

Dan lives the Jason Statham fused with a Bond movie lifestyle where he gets pretty much all the girls he wants. The millionaire playboy has revealed that he is dating the Instagram model Sofia Beverly who is 16 years younger than him.

Their first encounter wasn’t that romantic since he had already slept with three girls on that same day before he met her. The couple met at a pool party and seemed to hit it off right away.

They hanged out and realized they were both into the same things including guns. There’s no news Bilzerian’sn’s wife as he has none.

His Height, weight, age, birthday and other wiki info

Born on December 7TH, 1980 in Tampa Florida, Dan Bilzerian is 37 years old as of writing this article. About the nationality, this Millionaire playboy is Armenian. In fact, almost half of his family was wiped out during the Armenian genocide.

The 5 feet 10 inches tall barrel-chested Armenian got his beginnings in 2000 when he signed up to join the Navy Seals.

However, due to a safety violation on the shooting range, he got kicked out and later made his way to becoming the 165lbs Internet celebrity.