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Craig was born in 1971. He is an American military man and an antique dealer. He is also a reality television personality appearing on many history television channels and has also appeared alongside Rick Harrison in the pawn stars. He served in the USA marine corps and retired with the title of major. Know about Craig Gottlieb’s Net Worth. Also, wait until you know his married life and wife in Wiki Bio.

Craig Gottlieb Net Worth and source of income.

Craig has had a successful career. As a soldier with the USA marine corps, he was promoted up to the title of a major. He is also an enterprising businessman. He sells ancient artifacts making a huge fortune. His net worth is well over $8 million. How is he been able to make such huge strides? Well, Craig has had several enterprising ventures.

Craig is a militaria dealer. He has been accredited with uncovering several old military artifacts used in the past. One such notable event is the uncovering of the table and a desk purportedly belonging to Adolf Hitler in signing the Munich Pact of 1938 and the medals and uniform of the dictator. He sold this great military paraphernalia earning him a fortune.

Craig Gottlieb Net Worth is $8 million

Craig Gottlieb Net Worth is $8 million

He has also starred in several films. Such include the Pawn series, Nazi war Series produced by National geography All these have increased the net worth of  Craig Gottlieb and hence contributing to his massive net worth.

Craig Gottlieb is married to  wife Madeline Jackson and has 4 children

Craig Gottlieb is a very secretive fellow who likes to keep his private life out of the public limelight.  However, we have managed to uncover some vital personal information about his family. Craig Gottlieb is married to Madeline Jackson on 20th January 1960. Together they have four children. They are Elijah Joseph Gottlieb born on16th November 1991, David Shimon Gottlieb born in 14th July 1994, Samuel Asher Gottlieb born in 7th November 1996 and Joshua Aaron Gottlieb born in 6th February 2000.

Nevertheless, Craig likes keeping his family outside the public and has never appeared with any of his family members within the public view. This is not something new as many celebrities mostly keep a low profile of their families for fear of scrutiny.

Career and profession.

Craig Gottlieb is very successful in his careers.  He enrolled with the USA marine cops retiring with several honors. He retired from the forces having attained the rank of up to a major. After his retirement, Craig ventured into militaria. He is notable for his archeological skills of uncovering significant military artifacts. The most significant one is uncovering Adolf Hitler’s desk, Benito’s cap and Hitler’s painting of his father and mother which he sold making a fortune.

Craig has also appeared on reality television show dubbed the Pawn Stars. He appears in the episode of a family feud which was first aired in may 2012 and has appeared in twenty-five shows becoming a regular person in the shows. He has also appeared in the episodes of Auction Hunters as an expert in military weapons.

He is also a seasoned author has written many books. He is a great author writing books based on history and archeology. Currently, Gottlieb serves on the Board of Directors of the San Diego Air and Space Museum.

His Journey to Pawn Star.

Craig Gottlieb entrance into the Pawn Stars was given based on his diverse knowledge of weapons and military gears. He made his first appearance as the expert on weapons for the show. He first discussed vintage rifle that was used in the notorious war between Hatfield and McCoy. He has appeared since then in various episodes mainly taking roles in armory and weapons.

Wiki Bio.

Craig was born in 1971 in Miami Florida to his parents who were immigrants from Russia. Craig’s father was a war veteran and his mother a Protestant but later converted to Judaism. He attended Gulliver high school and joined Cornell University graduating in philosophy. He later joined marine cops and retired years later after attaining the rank of a major to focus on his military antiques.