Comedian Ralphie May Died of Cardiac Arrest at the age of 45.

Last Comedian Standing’s Cast Ralphie May died on 6th October 2017 at the age of 45. May starred in several comedy shows broadcasted by Netflix and Comedy Central.

How did Ralphie may die? What is the cause of death?

Ralphie may’s cause of death is the Cardiac arrest. He was battling pneumonia since several weeks which caused the Cardiac arrest. Prior to that, there was no news about his other disease and ill health.

His Manager told TMZ

As his manager and his friend, I will miss his laugh, his generosity to fellow comedians, his trademark orneriness, and his enormous love of life. He left us entirely too soon — and we can only wonder where his comedy might have taken all of us. We send our love to his family, his fans, and all the comics who shared stages with him across the country.

He was divorced from wife Lahna Turner and had 2 kids.

Though he put smiles and laughter in million people’s face his married life wasn’t happy. After 7 years of married life with wife Lahna Turner, he filed for divorce in 2014 and the couple split. May was fighting for the custody of his two kids.