Christiana Barkley: Wiki-Bio, age of Charles Barkley Daughter.

Christiana Barkley is the child of well-versed NBA basketball player Charles Barkley and wife, Maureen Barkley. Her mother is a former model and honorable member of the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation. It seems that staying out of the spotlight is very important for the Berkley women, hence it remains to be seen what exactly Christiana Barkley is up to and how much exactly is she opened to the public eye when it comes to her private affairs.

Christiana Barkley’s parents:

Born in 1989, the same year Barkley and Blumhardt married, Christiana Barkley is a love child of one of said to be the happiest marriages among NBA players.

Despite scandals usually following NBA players, and all challenges life poses to any marriage in general, it seems that Charles Barkley’s daughter got the best of it. At the time when they met, Maureen Blumhardt was supposedly working as a legal aide in Buck County.

Some online sources mention that the marriage was looked upon, being a mixed-race marriage which in this era and age is perfectly normal and accepted, but such circumstance proves further what kind of obstacles the Charles Barkley and his wife had to overcome. Today, they live in Scottsdale, Arizona since the 1990’s.

Christiana Barkley's parents: Father Charles Barkley and mother Maureen Blumhardt seems happy together

Christiana Barkley’s parents Charles Barkley and Maureen Blumhardt

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Who is Charles Barkley’s daughter?

Although there are many speculations on social networks which really Christiana Barkley is, due to social network account appropriating such status, it becomes clear that Charles Barkley’s daughter is not a fan of the spotlight and that she is exposing to the media at the level of just about any of us who have social media accounts.

If searched for, she is just another girl with Instagram and Facebook account, unlike many, set to private. Nevertheless, according to the information available from a reliable source, at the age of 27, she started her graduate studies at Columbia Journalism School.

Like father like daughter?

Charles Barkley’s daughter came of age when she is about to show the world what kind of trace she will leave behind. It is not easy growing up in the shadow of famous parents and Charles Barkley being very active even post his NBA career makes it more of a challenge.

Nevertheless, Charles Barkley’s daughter can be proud of her dad. After his fruitful career as a basketball player in the NBA, Barkley took on the career od an analyst for the NBA. Charles Barkley is also a writer and his involvement with the politics is known, hence it is no surprise that Charles Barkley’s daughter took on a similar path.

Charles Barkley, retired NBA player

Professional NBA player Charles Barkley

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Legacy of breaking stereotypes

Charles Barkley has been quite present in the media, starting with his basketball career, the career as an NBA analyst to the most recent one- being the narrator of TNT’s new two-night docuseries, American Race. This role nudged him to become even more aware of all the stereotypes in the American society and want to shed a proper light on them.

He commented to Sports Illustrated that he can sympathize with the stereotypes posed by America’s minority groups where there is a television role assigned to a black person, a Muslim person, Hispanic person.

Seems that Christiana Barkley has been influenced by both her mother’s and her father’s work since the early age and public is eager to judge the work of Charles Barkley’s daughter, having in mind her education and background.

Charles Barkley seems happy with his wife Maureen Blumhardt

Charles Barkley and his wife Maureen Blumhardt

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Racial issues and minority stereotypes are, despite the age of boom of social media and globalization, on the rise and could be combated with the written word. We can only wait and see what Christiana’s score will be.