Chip Foose Net Worth. Meet his wife Lynne Foose. Know his age in wiki bio.

Douglas Sam Foose also known as Chip Foose is best known as a handyman skilled in automobile designing and star of American reality television series Overhaulin’.  The show mainly focuses on the world of automobiles and has produced over 110 episodes with 9 seasons. The show had a good run since it premiered in 2002 on the TLC network until 2008 when it went on a 4-year hiatus only to return on Velocity and Discovery Turbo in 2012. Let’s Find out about Chip Foose Net Worth and Salary. Also, wait until you meet his wife Lynne Foose and know his age.

Automobile Designer Chip Foose Net worth & Salary

Chip Foose net worth is attributed to several sources. Besides being a television personality, he is a successful businessman and entrepreneur, automobile designer and fabricator. He is generated most of his fortune from being a hot rod shop owner and designer.

Chip Foose net worth amounted to an estimated $18.5 million as of March 2018. His annual salary is more than $120,000 per year. Due to his ongoing career as an Automobile Designer and a TV personality, it is only obvious that Chip Foose Net Worth is sure to increase in coming days.

Chip Foose is Married to wife Lynne Foose.

Chip has gone through a rough patch with his wife Lynne Foose for the last couple of months. The couple has had differences brought about by cases of infidelity. His wife Lynne is very vocal on the matter and reveals that the two are getting a divorce.

Chip and Lynne are the parents of two loveable children: Brock, their son and their daughter Kate. The two were a couple to be envied back in the day. They dated for over a year and a half before finally getting married. The exact date of Chip Foose and wife Lynne Foose’s marriage is unknown, but the couple has dated for a lengthy duration.

Chip Foose with his wife, Lynne Foose

Lynne publicly accused him of having multiple extramarital affairs with several women. Chip has refused to give a formal statement commenting on the matter.

He once referred to her as loving and supported her but now refers to her as a compulsive attention seeker. However, a credible source close to the couple reveals that he is silent and doesn’t defend himself because he has indeed been cheating on his wife.

 His career as a TV personality in different TV series

Foose worked in two different companies after his graduation at Art Centre College of design in 1990. He later resigned to work for J May’s at Ford in 1993 and resigned to become the president of Hot Rods by Boyd. The company later became bankrupt in 1998 and he decided to start his own automotive company in Huntington Beach where he created several designs.

The modified 2002 Ford Thunderbird made him more famous after TLC network made a documentary about his designs on the show Overhaulin’. His fame skyrocketed with his work with DuPont and his promotion of BASF Glasurit paint line. He has been consulted for many movies based on cars such The Fast and the Furious franchise and Transformers.

Chip Foose

Chip Foose wiki bio, age, birthday

Chip Foose was born on 13th October 1963 in Santa Barbara, California in the USA. He was born to Mr. Sam and Mrs. Terry Foose and to a family of five. He has two sisters: Amy Michelle Foose and Jodi Foose. The family owned a company called Project Design.

He worked in his father’s company for seven years where he met Alex Tremulis, famous for his Ford and Preston Tucker designs who nourished his talent and encouraged him to join the Art Centre College of design. He dropped out of college in 1984 due to financial constraints but later rejoined after working for Clenet coachwork for over four years and finally graduated in 1990.

The 54-year-old designer currently resides in Southern California. Hope you liked our article about Chip Foose Net Worth and Wife Lynne Foose.