Billy Tolley from “Ghost Adventures” Wiki-Bio: Wife, Net Worth.

The world is a strange place. From the unsolved mysteries of the Bermuda triangle, alleged extra-terrestrial sightings to unexplained paranormal activities, it can be frightening even to imagine. Ghost Adventures is a show on the Travel Channel that focuses on the supernatural and paranormal. Here is everything on one of the cast members, Billy Tolley.

Billy Tolley Net worth.

Billy Tolley’s net worth as of 2018 stands at $1.5 million with his annual salary still unknown So how did he generate all this fortune? Most of it comes from his career as a TV personality on the paranormal activity documentary.

Other sources include his career as a disk jockey and music producer. He left a legacy with tons of mixtapes and EP’s. Moreover, he also works as a presenter and hosts one of the many Darkness Radio Events that are all available on Aeron’s Vlogs on Youtube.

Billy Tolley Ghost Adventuresnet worth age

Caption:- Billy Tolley from Ghost Adventures age is 39 years old and his net worth is around $1 Million.

Billy Tolley from “Ghost Adventures” Is Married to Wife Diana Tolley. He has 3 children: one boy and 2 girls.

The expert at ghosts, Billy Tolley is a dad to three kids; a son and two girls. He rarely talks about them and tries to keep his family as far away as he can from the media focus. Speaking of family, the mother of his children, Diana Tolley, is also shy from the camera and doesn’t get highlighted much.

However, through some digging, we managed to uncover a few things about her. According to her LinkedIn, she went to Cedar High School. She is currently a nutrition and wellness consultant based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ghost Adventures cast Billy Tolley’s wife Diana Tolley works at Isagenix where she has been based since July 2011. The couple lives happily in their home in Nevada with their dog Sophie who has been trained to help out in his line of work.

Billy Tolley Ghost Adventures wife Diana

Caption:- Billy Tolley with wife Diana

Family, parents:

Away from his very own family, Billy Tolley from “Ghost Adventures” was born into a family of five. He has a younger brother and sister. His brother also got married back in late January 2016. He uploaded a congratulatory message on his Twitter handle a week before his wedding. The tweet was a video about him playing golf at a club. He hasn’t shared any information regarding his sister.

His parents celebrated their 52nd anniversary on the January 23rd, 2018. Looks like the spark is still going on as seen through his Instagram upload. The picture was of his parents going go-carting celebrating their 49th anniversary.


NameBilly Tolley
Age45 years old
Date of birthJanuary 18th, 1973
Net worth$1.5 million
ProfessionParanormal investigator, DJ, Producer
BirthplaceLas Vegas, Nevada
SpouseDina Tolley

Billy Tolley was born on January 18th, 1973 in Las Vegas Nevada as William Andrew Tolley. Details about his early education and life are scarce since he isn’t one to reveal much. However, its safe to assume that he grew up in the same town and probably went to school in the same area.

His heritage is that of North American from his parents whereas his nationality is American by birth. While his height and weight are unknown, he has light brown hair with brown eyes.

Career info

The Ghost Adventurer Billy Tolley wasn’t always an expert in the Supernatural. In fact, the hunt for ghostly phenomena all started from his love of music. With the huge number of clubs and Casinos in Las Vegas, he had his work cut out for him

Tolley worked as a DJ. He went under the Alias DJ Inferno. Probably because his mixtapes and mixes were lit but who are we to judge. He was also a producer with in-depth skills in audio stripping and editing. He is knowledgeable in computers and various music production programs.

Billy Tolley Ghost Adventuresnet career proffection

Caption:- Billy Tolley is a Paranormal investigator, DJ, and a Producer.

He stumbled upon Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) mostly associated with the Paranormal. On digging deeper into the genre, he captured EVPs by himself and formed a group with his buddies who shared similar interests. The name of the group was The Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations of Mysterious Phenomena Squad (P.I.M.P.S)

Billy Tolley soon met Zak Bagans who invited him to check out some of the audio captures he had gotten. Before he knew it, he got swamped by the number of audios and was employed to review them. He is now the Paranormal Investigator of the show as seen by his deployment of technological devices to aid him in his work. Another cast member of the show is Aaron Goodwin.


Just like most non-believers, Billy Tolley is still a skeptic-believer of the supernatural despite the experiences he has encountered on the show. We don’t know if his spouse, Diana believes in the same but we can bet she supports him in ventures. After all, his job generates his net worth which in turn caters to the family.