Big Chief New Girlfriend is Jackie Braasch. Did he divorced with wife Allicia Shearer?

Big Chief(also known by his birth name Justin Shearer) was born in the hills of Louisville Kentucky in 1980. He has been in the OKC street racing since when he was just 9 years old. He now runs the OKC outlawed show. He has made enormous success both as a racer in the outlawed race and now as the-go through a guy in the show of Street Outlaws. He is currently based in Oklahoma City where he has been operating since 1992.

Big Chief Married Life with Alicia Shearer

Big Chief met with soon to be his wife Alicia Shearer when he was 18. At that time, Big Chief was working in a gas station, and Alicia had gone there to service her car. What happened just as a coincidence was soon to be a serious encounter leading to marriage.

Alicia Shearer who is now 37 years old, met with Big Chief in 1988 and they became friends, and later she became his girlfriend. Their relationship blossomed leading to marriage. The marriage was held on29th September 2006 in a private ceremony.  Alicia Shearer is a respiratory therapist while her husband us a street racer.

Big chief’s with his Wife Allicia Shearer and Child

Caption:- Big chief’s with his Wife Allicia Shearer and Child

The couple has two kids together. Both are boys namely Cobrin Shearer and Covil Shearer. The family currently resides in the Oklahoma City area. The couple is active in social media, and they have often shared photos together as a family with their sons. Despite the couples sharing different status in their careers, they have been happy together.

Big Chief Divorced with wife Allicia Shearer?

Well, celebrities private lives have often been a question of public scrutiny. People often find something to talk about any punch of celebrity lives and their personal lives with zeal. That has been the case with Big Chief and his wife, Alicia Shearer.

Of late people, and the majority the social media fanatics have been talking about the relationship between Big Chief and his wife. There has been a wider speculation that Big Chief might be divorced with his long-term wife. In fact, the debate has been ranging for sometimes now with people accusing either Big Chief or Alicia Shearer has been promiscuous.

These reports, therefore, remain unconfirmed, and we cannot affirm them. Big Chief has not said anything about the news neither has his wife, Alicia Shearer. No post on social media has been made by them concerning this. Unconfirmed reports have also said that Big Chief was issued with divorce papers six months ago, but this information also remains unconfirmed. All these information, therefore, remain unconfirmed and we should hence treat them as mere rumors unless otherwise.

Big Chief Dating a new girlfriend?

Speculations have arisen as to whether Big Chief has a new girlfriend. This information was fuelled by the fact that a certain lady has often been seen with Big Chief. During the recent shoot of the episode of Street Outlaws, Big Chief has often been seen with a new girl whom the people have suspected to be his new girlfriend.

Jackie Braasch and Big chief are in relationship boyfriend and girlfriend after marriage

Caption:- Jackie Braasch and Big chief are in relationship

The new girl in question is Jackie Brassch. However, this information remains a mystery given that neither Big Chief nor the new girl Jackie Brassch has confirmed these allegations. But the big question that the people are asking is whether the Big Chief has divorced his wife and moved in with his new girlfriend and left his wife or not. But all this still remain unconfirmed.

Big Chief and Jackie Braasch dating? Is Jackie Brassch his new girlfriend?

Well, the word is it that Jackie Braasch and Big Chief are now dating. These allegations have been well promoted in both mainstream media and social media and have gained massive public attention. It has made Big Chief, and Jackie Braasch main topics of discussion in the recent past and the debate is still ranging.

But how did the allegation and the rumor started? It all began when Big Chief and Jackie Braaschwere spotted in typically in almost all public places. Big Chief and Jackie could appear anywhere together, and the strong camera of the pressmen could not miss them.

This raised questions and the people became suspicious about the whole thing with some of them becoming suspicious with this new habit.

Big cheif and his new girlfriend Jackie Braasch

Caption:- Big Cheif and his new girlfriend Jackie Braasch

Social media users went frenzy accusing the street racer of being promiscuous while others are assuming that either the racer’s wife, Alicia Shearer might be the one to blame for the new behavior.But all these are mare rumors and has not been confirmed by either party.

Fans are now uncomfortable with Big Chief’s move because they know how big chief value his family. Particularly, Alicia Shearer has not said anything about the new development between her husband and Jackie Braasch. Anyway, it will just be a matter of wait and see, and it will not belong. The cat will be out of the box soon, and confirmation is inherent.

Jackie Braasch Bio

Jackie Braasch is a profession racer rider and a racer just like his crush Big Chief. She was born in Joliet, Illinois. She is also officially a member of car chix, the biggest motorsports organization for women.

She has been a member of the organization since 2014 after entering the 2014 Car Chix Women of Motorsport Contest. She came 12th at the contest out of the 398 women who had enrolled. She was chosen as Ms.May in the car mix Chix calendar in May 2015.

Jackie Braasch has been fascinated in racing since when he was a baby. It is her father who introduced her because he was also a racer and could take her along to watch car racings and work on cars because her father was also a motorsport enthusiast. As a result, Jackie grew up in love with racing.

Jackie Braasch. may be Big chief’s New Girlfriend

Caption:- Jackie Braasch may be Big chief’s New Girlfriend

According to her personal profile, Jackie has referred to herself that she hails from a family of drag racers and has also noted that her sister, Erin Braasch is also a racer and they are racing every weekend. She has been racing since she was eight.

Jackie Braasch is neither married nor news of her having any child. But of late rumors on both social media and social media alleges that Jackie is in love with the Big Chief who is married to Alicia Shearer. However, this information remains unconfirmed by both parties.