Bernice Burgos Daughter Ashley Burgos is Pregnant. Expecting a baby in Mid 2018.

We follow our parents in various aspects of our life that is just plain science and genetics. However it seems like the Instagram model and designer Ashley Burgos is doing the same and following her mother, acclaimed model Bernice Burgos to an early motherhood. Yes, that is right, Ashley Burgos is pregnant and expecting in 9 months to learn all about the pregnancy. Who is the baby daddy, Boyfriend or husband? Read all about it here.

Ashley Burgos Pregnant!

Ashley Burgos was in days of speculation that she was pregnant and it was showing but it had remained to only gossips. As we all know gossip travels fast and the more people got wind of it, the more haters started to flood in pouring in hate comments and messages saying it was disgusting that she was pregnant at just 21 years old.

The 21-year-old had remained silent on the matter but it looks like she was, in fact, showing a mother’s patience. Her mom and soon to be a grandma, Bernice however also had her motherly love kick in and could not stand anymore to hear bad words about her daughter.

So Bernice lashed back at all the haters with a video via Instagram supporting her daughter. She confirmed the long speculation of her daughter’s pregnancy.

In the video, she says that she fully supports her daughter in any choice she makes. She also talked about her own life story and how she had also been pregnant with Ashley when she was just 15 years old. Ashley is 21 and leaps and bounds higher in term of her living conditions than she was at that time.

We are pretty sure that Ashley would side with her mother on this. We are not sure of the boyfriend or husband that Ashley is involved with right now so don’t know the baby daddy.

You can see how she can even keep the news of her pregnancy private so that is not hard to speculate that she is keeping her dating life a secret.

Bernice Burgos Relationship with Daughter

Hearing about Bernice Burgos giving birth to Ashley at just 15 years old, we can easily tell that they have a tight relationship. Bernice raised her daughter in a lot of difficulties and in return Ashley has made her equally proud.

Mother Daughter Duo: Bernice Burgos and Ashley Burgos

Ashley Burgos with her mother Bernice Burgos

The mother-daughter duos have together launched a sexy and sporty sleepwear line of clothing that includes briefs, rompers, pajamas, and bralettes. The 37-year-old also has another daughter Sarai Burgos born 10 years after her elder sister Ashley.

Bernice herself is said to be dating TI. Yes the actor and rapper TI is separated from his now ex-wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris.

Their split and divorce will be seen in the season 6 of the VH1 series ‘The Family Hustle’.  TI has been spotted romantically with Bernice but has also not been completely over ex Tiny.

Bernice was also known for her relationship with ex-boyfriend Drake and is known primarily for starring in music videos of artists J. Cole and Rick Ross.