Benji Madden Net Worth

Benji Madden is a popular singer, guitarist, producer and a song composer with a large number of fans. He is a part of one of the very popular band Good Charlotte. In addition to this, something that has enhanced his popularity to a lot of extent is his collaboration with the Madden Brothers. He has been known for his superb music creations and stuffing the best lyrics with them. He has a twin brother named Joel Madden. He has also engaged himself in one of the popular shows on TV in America. In addition to youngsters, he has a lot of old age fan following. He often appears as a coach on the popular The Voice Australia show has certainly motivated a lot of young singers and musicians. His rough looks attract the attention of many towards him. His hard work and dedication have undoubtedly fetched him a good amount of fortune, so let’s know more about his net worth in 2018.

Benji Madden Early life

Benji was born on 11th day of March in the year 1979. He attended Plata High School in Maryland and he was just 11 years old when he gets an opportunity to perform on a live stage. In the year 1995, he decided to transform his music skills and started learning guitar from one of his close friends. Benji soon realised that he can be a good player of guitar and decided to form a band with his twin brother. They both worked together and enhanced the level of publicity for their band in a very short period of time. He often appears in music shows in America and has been known for his excellent skills as a guitarist.

Benji Madden Net Worth

Benji Madden Career, Awards & Achievement

Benji after completing his education also involved himself in the clothing business and soon realised he couldn’t survive in it. It was in the year 1996 when he started a band. Although they often worked tougher in Good Charlotte, both brothers also have collaborations with other artists as well. Some of the very popular songs that they have together come out with are No Ordinary Girl, Matisyahu, The 69 Eyes and many more. Madden also got popularity when he took part in a boxing championship at Las Vegas in the year 2010 and beat the popular Rachtman. He is one of those personalities who has worked very hard to improve his skills and have always believed in patience when it comes to achieving success.

Awards & Achievement

He was the guest of honour in the Tainstick show hosted by one of the popular clothing brands in the US. He is also one of the judges in the reality TV show The Voice Australia. Benji was also featured in the popular song Come Back down and the same was a smashing hit in the US. Madden started his own music company in the year 2015 along with his two brothers. In a very short span of time, their organisation MDDN got a lot of popularity.

Net worth of Benji Madden

Benji Madden has a total net worth of $17 million. He has generated this through his band Good Charlotte which he co-founded. He also has made an appearance in some reality music TV shows and this is exactly what that has also enhanced the same. Benji is currently working on a Hollywood music project along with his brother and has plans to make an entry in a popular Hollywood movie in the year 2019.

Benji Madden is a popular guitarist who has proved that music can change the life of a person. Despite being a person with a middle-class background, he has certainly attracted the attention of many towards him in a very short span of time.