August Kilcher Wiki-bio: net worth, mother, age

August Kilcher is the son of Otto and Charlotte Kilcher. The Kilcher family have been starring in the reality TV show “The Last Frontier” for some time, and he is also part of the cast.

The Last Frontier is a reality show based on the homestead of Kilchers – featuring the wilderness of Alaska and the family who is fighting against all the odds to survive and make a happy living.

This young man is the third generation in the family, and he appeared in several episodes of the show.

Alaska the last frontier August Kilcher net worth

He is the grandson of Yule Kilcher – and he is mainly a student now. August Kilcher’s net worth is not much – it is estimated around 15,000 dollars and most of which is the fair share of the homestead.

August Kilchers' net worth is $15000

August Kilcher’s net worth is amazing

August Kilcher has been working and studying and therefore don’t have any excess income to make his net worth grow bigger as compared to other members of the Kilcher family.

August Kilcher – Parents and Siblings

He is one of the fourth of his siblings. Otto Kilcher and Charlotte Kilcher raised four sons – Levi, Eivin, Torrey, and, August. Otto and Charlotte Kilcher is a regular face on “The Last Frontier” along with Elvin Kilcher and his wife Eve Kilcher while August appeared in some episodes and currently he is living in Oregon.

August Kilcher happy with parents: Otto and Charlotte

August Kilcher with parents

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August is the son of Charlotte Kilcher from her previous marriage and Otto is the step-father to him and Torrey Kilcher. But, that is just the past, Otto and the kids are more than father and son, they are great friends.

Short Bio

He is an Electrical Engineering student. He moved to out of Homer in the purpose of the study. He got admitted into Oregon State University and had been living in Oregon ever since. He visits Homer, Alaska and the homestead on a regular basis and often helps out his old man in needed times.