Aubrey St. Angelo Wiki-bio: wife, divorce, girlfriend, net worth

Killing Field’s Cast Aubrey St. Angelo is an American detective and a filmmaker who started as a law enforcement officer at the tender age of 18. He first worked with the narcotics before transferring to Iberville to work with Parish Sheriff office to work with criminal investigation division working on a variety of cases including burglary and homicides. Let’s find out more about Aubrey St. Angelo’s married life and wife. Also, stay until the end to know Aubrey’s Net Worth and age.

Is Killing Fields Aubrey St. Angelo married to a wife or divorced?

Aubrey is a secretive guy keeping his private and family matters a low profile. In fact, he has not appeared anywhere in the public limelight with his family members.

Privacy news informs that Aubrey is married to wife Rachelle Dupont. But he has never appeared anywhere with her mystery wife. But that is just an extend our celebrities take to maintain their privacies.

Aubrey St. Angelo is not known whether he got children or not. In his regular posts in social media, nothing has hinted yet whether he has any child or not.

Net worth.

We may tend to hold onto an idea that police officers and in particular detectives are very secretive fellows. They cannot dispatch their personal information to the media with ease. This might have shaped Aubrey behavior given that he is a detective and an actor at the same time.

It is therefore not easy to approximate Aubrey St. Angelo net worth but from the look of things he has made a fortune. Aubrey started working as a cop at a mere age of  18; he rose through several ranks which come in handy with increase pay. The episodes of Killing Fields also must have paid him a  fortune.

Aubrey St. Angelo’s Net Worth is estimated to be $200,000 as of writing this article.

Short Bio.

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Aubrey St. Angelo was born on July 8th, 1978 in Plaquemine in the USA. His age is 39 years old as of writing this article. He joined the forces at the age of eighteen years and had had a reputable success in his career. This is evident through his rose in ranks within a short time.  The episodes of the Killing Fields, a movie show of 2016, was a milestone in his acting career.


He started working as a detective at a young age of 18. He has moved over ranks just from being a mere police officer to a detective specializing in burglary and homicide cases. Aubrey holds a mentality that he is best suited as a detective given that he posses a rare skill of reading the minds of other people.

He has proclaimed himself as being aggressive, and he has never shunned away from asking head cracking questions in an interrogation facility.

He is often seen as a tolerant, tough guy who seldom makes jokes but can chit chat easily upon breaking a case. These abilities as seen him progress in his work and has gained tremendous respect among his workmates.

What is more, is even with his long-term experience in the force, he has gained a lot that can help him deal with tough cases that sometimes prove to be impossible for the newbies

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Aubrey is also an actor. He has stared in fourteen episodes of a series titled Killing Fields. The show is produced by Barry Levinson and is an investigative crime show with Aubrey on the lead cast. The series received a positive reaction prompting the producing company(Discovery) to order the release of other six episodes.


In his free time, Aubrey spent his leisure time hunting. He is a proficient hunter, and he employs the use of bows and arrows as his choice of weapons. He is a great arrow man and can shoot with proficiency. His choice of weapons has been greatly attributed to his growing area. Aubrey grew up in a forested area where hunting was a daily occurrence, and the use of arrows was not only a choice but a requirement.