Asher Angel age: How old is Asher Angel? Dating Girlfriend? Or Single?

Asher Angel is an American child actor. He has appeared in many films notable ones being in Disney Channel series known as Andi Mack where he paid the role of Jonah Beck. Asher is also a practicing musician, and he is key to playing guitars. He also appeared in other films including Jolene in 2008, Nicky Ricky in 2016,  and Criminal Minds in 2016. Let’s find out Asher Angel Age. Also, How tall is he? Asher Ange’s Girlfriend and dating life.

Age: how old is Asher Angel? His birthday, birthdate, signs

Asher Angel is still a young kid. The young actor was born on 6th September 2002. He is 15 years old. His birth sign is Virgo. The birthday of the Andi Mick series is usually celebrated on September 6 of every year. The guy will be 16 some few months from now.

Net worth

Asher Angel Net Worth

The net worth of the young actor remains unknown. He has been active in acting since 2008 when he was just six years old and has featured in many notable films. However, we have not been able to unravel the net pay of the actor in the shows that he has appeared in. He is a secretive young boy, and he keeps most of his private life including net worth at bay.

Dating girlfriend? Or single?

The young actor is definitely single. This is just but an assumption because the young actor has never shared any information hinting at whether he is dating any girlfriend. Given that has kept the information a sector, we can just assume that he is single for now and not dating a girlfriend. But in case of any new development, we shall update you About Asher Angel Girlfriend and dating relationship.


Asher has appeared in multiple films up to now. he began acting since 2008. He attributes his mother’s motivation. His mother took her for auditions in Los Angeles where he auditioned and won the part to be an actor in the Andi Mack. He is set to make more appearance in this year and the coming years. The career of the young actors, therefore, is et to blossom.

Height: how tall is Asher Angel?

The young actor is 162 cm tall. He also weighs 44 kilograms. His height is just for now and it is yet to increase over time.

Short bio, family

Asher Angel with his family

Angel Asher was born in Arizona. He started acting at a tender age and has been a regular guy in the screen since then. Little information is known about the family of the young actor. For instance, no information is yet available about his father. However, he has a brother named Ivi and a young sister called London. The mother of the young actor is known as Jody.