Amy Allen is Getting Married to Boyfriend Rob Traegler. Date Fixed.

Dead Files break out star Amy Allen proved to the many single ladies out there that there is indeed life after divorce. There had been many speculations all over social media with crazy theories that she already got married to her boyfriend Rob last year. Well, we are here to clear up a few of those issues on her behalf and also have a look at her failed marriage with her ex-husband.

Amy Allen Dating life, boyfriend turned fiancé, Rob Traegler.

Unlike the murders, she investigates in the show, Dead Files, her relationship is pretty much alive. The TV star had just come from an estranged failed marriage when she met the current love of her life, Rob Traegler.

For the men who are curious to know who beat them in the race to the altar, Rob is an actor and film director. His famous works include being the production assistant in The Dr. Phil Show. No one knew the role he took on in directing alongside Allen would pan out into something beautiful.

Image of Amy Allan

There were many speculations that the two were dating which turned true. The TV starlet her fans in on the news through her Twitter feed in October 2017. There were two revelations made that day. One is that she had been dating him and the second being that they were engaged.

Amy Allen’s Wedding day set for October 2018

Image of Amy Allan Engagement, Wedding day

As expected, a lot of congratulatory messages ensued from the upload from both her friends and followers. One of her fans took to Twitter to ask her when she planned on tying the knot with her man. Interestingly enough, she replied casually with, October – a year later after her engagement.

She kept her relationship a secret for quite some time before revealing it to the world. We doubt that she’ll be handing invitations to the world on her special day. So for her die-hard fans, please be on the look-out for anyone with a white dress that month.

Married Life with her Ex-husband, Matthew Anderson.

This state of affair isn’t her first time in the rodeo as she had previously gotten married to Matthew Anderson. Like Rob, he was also part of the cast in the show. The only difference being that she was his boss in the TV series and that’s the story of how they met.

Love turned into marriage, and before they knew what hit them, it was over just after it started. The couple never had kids. They separated in 2012 and signed their divorce papers in 2013. Speaking on the cause of the split, sources indicate it was due to insufferable indifferences.

Amy Allen’s Short Wiki-bio

The TV star was born on May 31st, 1973 in Denver, Colorado. She grew up and attended the University of Arizona where she majored in Psychology. Her family, including her, have a long line of psychic abilities and other weird personas. It’s that character that landed her the role on Dead Files as a paranormal investigator, not to mention her skills as well.

We hope that the 45-year-old’s marriage this time turns out better than her last. That said, if all goes well, she may even end up with kids soon.