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Agnes Hailstone is the star of the show ‘Life Below Zero’ which is broadcasted on the National Geographic Channel or simply Nat Geo. She is the wife of the second star of the show and the name of her husband is Chip Hailstone. Both of them do several wild activities in the show. Chip is an experienced hunter, therefore; he uses his 12 gauge 0.22 vintage rifle and his cool bow and arrow for hunting. Sometimes he even uses bare hands to get himself a hunt. Chip has been hunting, gathering materials and fishing for more than 20 years and now he says that it has become a part of his life. He says that hunting is his way of life. She lives with her husband Chip Hailstone in Alaska.

'Life Below Zero' star Agnes Hailstone hunting

Agnes Hailstone hunting for food

Source: National Geographic Channel

Agnes Hailstone Net Worth And Source Of Income

She has become a very famous celebrity after working in the show ‘Life Below Zero’. She has successfully developed a big fan following for her and one can easily find her fans now. Agnes Hailstone net worth is estimated to be around $100,000. She hides most of her personal details from the media. It is obvious that she earns most of her money from the television show ‘Life Below Zero’. Other than the show, there are no known sources of the income of Agnes Hailstone. That being said, most probably she might have a good net worth as the show ‘Life Below Zero’.

Agnes Hailstone’s First Husband

Agnes Hailstone was in a serious relationship with a person in her youth. They get along with each other very well and their relationship. The romance eventually turned into marriage and she lived with her first husband for some time. But like most couples married at a young age, their marriage started to fall apart. She hasn’t spoken openly about her first spouse but different sources claim that due to marital problems Agnes Hailstone decided to end the relationship with her first husband. Everything that is known related to her first husband and first marriage is that she had a child with her first husband. The child is male and his name is Douglas J Carter. Other than this, there is no solid information about her first husband (and first marriage).

Married Life With Chip Hailstone

Chip Hailstone is the current husband of Agnes Hailstone. He is also on the reality television show ‘Life Below Zero’. Chip Hailstone is 48 years, as he was born in 1969. His full name is Edward V Hailstone but he uses the name Chip Hailstone more often. The couple has five children yet, out of which they have 4 daughters and 1 son. The names of their offspring are Tinmiaq, Mary, Iriqtaq, Quatan, Caroline and Jon Hailstone. The son of Agnes Hailstone from her previous husband, Douglas Carter also lives with them.

Happily Married Life: 'Life Below Zero' Chip Hailstone and his wife Agnes Hailstone

Agnes Hailstone with her husband Chip Hailstone

Source: National Geographic Channel

Wiki, Bio, Age

She was born in 1971  in Noorvik at Alaska. Currently, she is only 45 years old (2017). The exact date of her birth is 14 June 1971, this date matches with that of the Agnes hurricane which was the most horrific hurricane of USA at that time.