Adrienne Janic Net Worth. Also her House and Cars.

Adrienne Janic is an actress in which has appeared in many movies in which she has been a character. She has worked so hard to have accumulated some wealth for herself through acting and being also a television host. This has brought to her fame in the world today. Let’s get into her net worth. Also, find out about her different sources of income. Everything about her house and cars too.

Adrienne Janic Net Worth

Adrienne Janic is a wealthy woman and is said to have generated revenue and is said to have a net worth over $1 million. Much of this has been generated out of her career in which she started after completion of her high school education.

Actress Adrienne Janic has an unbelievable source of income

Model Adrienne Janic’s net worth is amazing

She draws her income from the various sources in which have helped her accumulate to a good amount over the last few years. She is the sole owner of the huge fortune in which she gets money from. She also has been a model in which is said to earn more than $100,000 annually from this.

Her acting prowess has also contributed in Adrienne Janic’s Net worth and has been the main source of her income generated. She has made $500,000 through this alone. She is also a television host of the reality series and is paid more than $20,000 as her income. She has also earned from several endorsements such as awards and various sponsorship deals in which she has participated in.

Adrienne House, Cars

Adrienne Janic, Model with the millions net worth has a lot of properties in which is attached to her. She owns the huge fortune in which helps to generate income for her. She also has a Ferrari model worth $ 300,000 dollars in which she flaunts with and move to her activities

She lives in a house worth $250,000 in which is fully furnished and lives with her daughter after break up with her husband. The actress also owns a variety of business in different states in which she uses to generate much if her income.


The actress has a flamboyant lifestyle in which she has seen living. She rides on expensive vehicles in which are of high value and can only be afforded by people of his status.
The actors live in a well-furnished house in which has everything in it with quality and excellent furniture in it. The actress also like to travel to a various destination and places of interest in which she spends holiday with her children.


Adrienne was born on 25th July 1974and raised up in America where she grew up and attended her school till the beginning of her career. She attended pioneer high school until graduation of her degree. She joined and started her acting career in 2005 and has continued with her journey till now. She has appeared in many of the movies and host different T.V Shows. She was married to Bud Brustman who they later broke and had a daughter together.