Aaron Kaufman Net Worth 2018. Meet his Girlfriend Lauren Moore Knob. See her pictures

Car lovers know a thing or two about  Aaron Kaufman. The man with heavy beards from Discovery Channel’s reality TV shows Fast n Loud. Let’s Find out Aaron Kaufman Net Worth and Salary in 2018. Also, know more about his girlfriend, Lauren Moore Knob.

In 2017, fans were left in shock when Aaron told his friend Richard  Rawlings that he would leave the show to focus on other issues. This also meant that he wasn’t going to work with Gas Monkey Garage, where he and his friend Rawlings worked for 14 years, repairing cars.

Aaron Kaufman Net Worth in 2018 and Salary Details.

Although it is not know how much exactly Kaufman makes per episode in the show Fast N Loud,  it is vivid that he made a salary of $50k per episode. This translates to between $10k to $40k for his work.  

As of now, Aaron Kaufman net worth is estimated to be $7 million. The figure is set to rise, given the fact he is into a new venture. In addition, Kaufman operates a site that sells merchandise such as stickers, hats, Tshirts, as well as F-100 parts.  

Aaron Kauffman

Furthermore, Kaufman now has his TV show “Shifting Gears” which is to be aired on Discovery Chanel. This means Aaron Kaufman Net Worth is going to increase in 2018 and coming years. This car mechanic already had a huge salary from the past tv shows like Fast N’ Loud; it is no doubt that now with his increasing demand Aaron Kaufman Salary is going to get a huge rise in the new series.

Kaufman has received several honors for his work.  He was named as the Top 25 Young  Event Professional “ in 2015, from Special Event  Magazine. Also, he was honored as the President of Toronto chapter of International Special Events Society. With all these honors and successful career, one cannot find it hard to believe that Aaron Kauffman Net Worth is $7 Million.

Meet Aaron Kaufman girlfriend, Lauren Moore Knob. Any chances Lauren will be Aaron Kaufman’s Wife?

Kaufman is not yet married.  However, he is currently dating a girlfriend, Lauren Moore Knob for many years now. However, Kaufman does not say much about his personal life, but he is not that secretive.

Aaron Kauffman with Lauren Moore Knob

At the moment,  two of his relationship is known on the media. The two started to date in early 2013, and they are currently living together. In fact, Moore appeared on her boyfriend’s show Fast N Loud before he left the show in December 2016.

However,  Aaron Kaufman and his girlfriend Lauren Moore Knob have had their share of ups and downs,  and this could be seen on their Instagram accounts.  According to their Instagram accounts, the two lovebirds love to travel a lot. They do not have kids yet, but they own two beautiful dogs- Bastian and Lola.

However,  despite all the issues, which are common in any relationship,  Kaufman and girlfriend Moore are doing well and everyone hopes they will get married soon. Yeah, that’s right, fans want to see Lauren as Aaron Kauffman’s wife.

He is back in new show Shifting gears after leaving Fast and loud

As you may already know, Kaufman left the show Fast N Loud and now has a new show named Shifting  Gears. At the moment, Kaufman is in talks with the TV channel about his show.

All he wants is for the show to be great and that is what he is currently working on the parts. He says he is looking for a new approach for creating car television.

Aaron Kauffman doing promo for his new tv show

If he gets back to building cars on television, it will be all about having a promo with cars. Vehicles that are created and of excitement and vehicles that move the body and soul too, and not vehicles to be sold at auction,  vehicles to make money.

There are many people who do this thing for a living. Kaufman says he is going to do it for the television and everyone will have a good time.

Wiki bio

NameAaron Kaufman
Residence United States
Professional Reality TV star
Net worth6 million dollars
Affair withLauren Moore

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